What We're Reading: Losing Graceland

After getting dumped by his girlfriend and graduating college with a not-so-promising Anthropology degree, Ben Fish is well on his way to checking in at the Heartbreak Hotel. Escaping another summer stint at the local mall, Ben instead ends up road tripping with a watered-down, ailing version of "The King." Less about the hip-swiveling sex icon and more about friendship, Losing Graceland isn't just a tall tale of another Elvis impersonator, but about life's journey through bumps in the road.

Losing Graceland

Author: Micah Nathan, whose previous novel includes another coming-of-age tale, Gods of Aberdeen.

Genre: Youth in revolt goes on a cross-country trek

What happens: After replying to Elvis-wannabe's elusive ad, "Driver Needed Seven Days Excellent Pay No Druggies Drunks or Felons," Ben wheels up in a 1965 Cadillac El Dorado Seville on a 900-mile journey to find the old man's missing granddaughter.

Why Read It: Instead of the usual road trip dilemmas (getting lost, eating greasy food), the odd couple encounters many eyebrow-raising events (your standard biker gangs and hooker rescue attempts). The road to Memphis is an interesting, if not endearing one, for the pair, who — gold rings and jumpsuit aside — find themselves to be surprisingly similar.

Details: Three Rivers Press, $14

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