What We're Reading: This Summer's Hottest Page Turner

J. Courtney Sullivan arrives, once again, on the literary scene, but this time, with a perfect (and smart) beach read.

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If you've already read all the books that came up as your answer on our summer beach reads quiz, you're going to need something new to get wrapped up in on your vacation this season. We highly recommend J. Courtney Sullivan's latest, a novel surrounding an Irish Catholic family and its summer beach house — plus all the drama that goes along with it.

Whether you're lounging in a hammock this summer or are jet setting across the country, this read will transport you to the shores of New England, where salty beach air, chilled white wine and succulent lobster rolls are a daily occurrence.


Author: J. Courtney Sullivan, author of New York Times bestseller Commencement.

Genre: Literary beach read

What Happens:
 Told from the perspectives of four women from the same family, Maggie, Kathleen and Ann Marie each head to Alice's 60-year-old beach cottage. When family secrets spill, haunted pasts resurface and grudges hold strong, the Kelleher's are forced to face its issues, regardless of how difficult that may be.

Why Read It: Sullivan's smarts shed light on topics all families deal with, but her tasteful approach on the tough ones (particularly modern-day religious issues) shine through. The cast of quirky characters will have you laughing out loud and aching for their regrets in the same chapter, pining for more pages when it comes to an end.

 Knopf, June 14, $25.96