Are Holly and Nathan Together After 'Too Hot to Handle'?

What happened to the resort's steamiest couple?

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Huge spoilers ahead for Too Hot to Handle season 3. Even before they learned Pleasure Island was, in fact, the Netflix hit Too Hot to Handle, Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu were endgame. The couple hit it off immediately and managed to lose more money during their time in the villa than any other couple in Too Hot to Handle history, and were largely responsible for—spoiler—reducing the prize money to, at one point, a paltry $0.

"Holly, she's got a banging, banging, banging body," Nathan said just minutes into episode one. "I'm kind of keen to give it a shot with her." The feeling was mutual: "God, he's attractive," Holly said in her confessional in episode one. "The things I would do with that man." Thus began a steamy flirtation that quickly devolved into rule break after rule break—literally, every kind of rule break in the Too Hot to Handle sexual dictionary, and then some—and got so bad that at one point Nathan was shipped off to a desert island by a furious Lana.

holly nathan

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However. In spite of their blatant disregard for Lana's rules, Nathan and Holly emerged from the season as a Too Hot to Handle success story. Nathan learned how to control his more primal instincts by, um, rubbing a doll that represented him against the heart of a doll that represented Holly, and Holly learned to trust Nathan. By the end of the season, Lana had even nominated Nathan as one of the people who had seen the most growth during his time in the retreat, though he ultimately lost the $90,000 prize to fellow Too Hot to Handle couple Beaux and Harry.

Are Holly and Nathan still together now?

Sadly, Holly and Nathan are no longer an item—though they've hinted that they might be getting back together. On the Too Hot to Handle reunion show, filmed before the show's cast began promo for season three in mid-January, Holly explained, "We've remained really, really close. I love our relationship...We have a lot of respect for each other. I wouldn't say that it didn't work out."

"I wouldn't say it didn't work out," Nathan agreed. "It's hard."

Holly cited the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns as one of the reasons the couple split, adding, "I had a few months left of getting my degree...It's all about timing. And execution."

But they've been very intimate on social media during promo for the show. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


I’m deleting this in 10 mins bye

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In one TikTok, Holly called Nathan the love of her life:


♬ the perfect girl - ˚ ༘ ❀

But Holly's TikTok has been enigmatic over the last few months, with Holly posting: "Friendly reminder it takes 2 minutes to text back" and "Just remember it's ok to take a step back to take two steps forward." Last summer, six months after the show wrapped, she posted TikToks captioned "Me after I get off [FaceTime] with him" and "Staying in drinking wine by myself because I'm serious about u and I want this to work out."

So...jury's out on what's going on with these two!