Barbie Launches Its First Doll With Down's Syndrome With Model Ellie Goldstein

Hooray for representation.

Ellie Goldstein attends the Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2022 at Outernet London on November 08, 2022 in London, England.
(Image credit: Photo by Lia Toby / Getty)

In recent years, Mattel's Barbie doll has been making wonderful and much-needed strides towards greater inclusivity and representation.

Following in that trend, the brand has just unveiled a new doll with Down's Syndrome, and recruited British model Ellie Goldstein to help promote it.

"I am so thrilled there are now Barbie dolls with Down’s syndrome," Goldstein wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her seeing the doll for the first time.

"When I saw the doll I felt so emotional, and proud. It means a lot to me that children will be able to play with the doll and learn that everyone is different.

"I am proud that Barbie chose me to show the dolls to the world. Diversity is important as people need to see more people like me out there in the world and not be hidden away, Barbie will help make this happen."

In the video, the model says, "It's beautiful and I love it to pieces."

She concludes, "She is perfect like me, and I'm perfect like her."

Lisa McKnight, an executive vice-president at Mattel, said her goal for the doll was to "teach understanding and build a greater sense of empathy, leading to a more accepting world," as reported by BBC News.

Recently, the brand also released a doll with a hearing aid, as well as one with a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg as part of a collection of dolls with disabilities.

As for Goldstein, despite being told in the past that her condition would greatly limit her opportunities in life, she recently made history by starring on the cover of British Vogue. Speaking to the publication, she said, "I feel lucky to be seen as a role model. I want to show you can achieve anything if you really want to—never give up on your hopes, dreams and aspirations. My disability never stops me."

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