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The 20 Best Film-Themed Gifts for the Movie Watcher in Your Life

They'll love it—even if you don't exactly understand the reference.

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Cinephiles can be hard to shop for: They have great taste, they're hyper-aware of clichés, and they love an inside joke. You're going to need to get creative when you pick out a holiday gift for the movie-lover in your life. After all, with the number of movies they watch, it's possible they've seen every kind of gift to give imaginable. I mean, sure, nothing can top that necklace Rose got in the Titanic from that creep Caledon Hockley or Harry Potter's invisible cloak, but it's the thought that counts, which is why you really really want this gift to count. Thankfully for you, we consulted some film fans about what they want for the holidays, and they delivered. And just because we have some thoughts too on the subject, we had to throw a couple of our favorites gifts we also wouldn't mind receiving. Here are 20 genius gift ideas for a film fanatic. We hope the smile you see on their face when they open your present be better than the actual gift.

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Movie Tarot: A Hero’s Journey in 78 Cards By Diana McMahon Collis
Laurence King Publishing urbanoutfitters.com

Want to gaze into your past, present, future? Then pick a card, any card, and see what they see. Just this time, you'll see the face of some of the most well-known pop culture icons right back at you like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music as the sun to Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump as the fool.

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External CD DVD Drive
Blingco amazon.com

It's not the most glamorous of gifts, but it's the most practical. Most people stream because they have no place to play their DVDs, but behold, the answers to the problem (and the key to many fun movie nights ahead.) Just plug into your laptop's USB port, and you're good to go.

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Clueless Movie 500-Piece Puzzle in a Retro Blockbuster VHS Case
Spin Master Games amazon.com

Solving scenic puzzles is fun and all, but solving a puzzle of your favorite movie just seems better? Pay homage to all those nights wandering Blockbuster and pick a puzzle from films like Clueless, Animal House, Flashdance, and more to gift to your movie-loving friend. 

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Moonlight Screenplay Book
A24 a24films.com

This gorgeous coffee table book features the screenplay of Academy Award-winning movie Moonlight in all its glory with a foreword by Frank Ocean and an essay by legendary theatre critic Hilton Als. If this isn't their favorite A24 film though (it should be), they also offer books for other A24 movies, Ex MachinaThe Witch, and Hereditary

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Ticket Stub Diary
UncommonGoods uncommongoods.com

Thumbtacking your tickets to cork boards is like soooo last year. (Or at least I'm telling myself this.) Help preserve your film lovers' ticket collections with this handy dandy memory album. The book comes with clear sleeves that fit every ticket sizes imaginable (yes, Broadway shows too) and has space to let them write down their favorite memory from the event.

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Alfred Hitchcock Films Coasters
FoundDandy etsy.com

Any Alfred Hitchcock fan will geek out over these hand-made, laser-engraved coasters. The set features four of Hitchcock's legendary films depicted as thoughts in his mind over his classic silhouette: Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds.

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Hot Air Popcorn Maker
Forty4 amazon.com

When you watch enough movies, you need some dedicated equipment. This popcorn machine checks all the boxes: Fast, oil-free, affordable, and cute. Who needs to actually leave the house now?

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Funko POP! Animation: My Hero Academia
Funko amazon.com

Gift the anime watcher in your life this My Hero Academia POP! figurine of Todoroki. True anime nerds will be well-versed in this series and will proudly display it on their bookshelf or coffee table.

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Nicolas Cage Con Air Sequin Pillow
PlatzerWorld etsy.com

Finally! Your friend who is a huge Nicolas Cage stan can get her own sequin pillow featuring none other than Cage's face. Personally, we prefer this young image of Cage on the pillow. Bonus: you can cuddle with it at night.

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Harry Potter Wand Movement Poster
Etsy etsy.com

Wingardium leviosa! Practice your spells at home with this Harry Potter poster that details the direction of how you should move your wand. 

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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Doormat
UrbanOwlHome etsy.com

They can quote all the Home Alone movies at the drop of a hat, so what's more fitting than this doormat? It's perfect for the holidays and even after all the celebrations have ended, the mat will still draw laughs at the door.

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Games Room Movie Buff Quiz Game Set

Your friend has a competitive spirit when it comes to naming quotes in movies or knowing which director directed a film. Put their knowledge to the test with a friendly game of trivia. Best get a bottle of wine to go along with this present too. 

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Studio Ghibli Spirited Away
Etsy etsy.com

A Studio Ghibli pin that goes on everything, from a denim jacket to the handles of your canvas tote bag. Now, will someone get me a bowl of ramen? Feeling hungry.

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Ingmar Bergman's Cinema (The Criterion Collection)
Amazon Amazon
$197.71 (34% off)

A little birdie who is also a noted film critic told us that this comprehensive Blu-Ray collection of iconic director Ingmar Bergman's work is the present all the movie nerds want this year. 

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Overlook Hotel Keychain, Room 237

A nod to one of the most beloved hotel rooms in cinema history, get the film-lover in your life this fun, faux-room key keychain from The Shining. Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

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ViewSonic Projector
ViewSonic amazon.com

This projector can create an 120" image, gets great reviews on Amazon, and is super easy to set-up and use (it plugs into HDMI an cable). It's like that old saying, "Get your cinephile a home theater setup and they're yours forever." 

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Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers

From the orgasmic sandwich in When Harry Met Sally to the romantic birthday cake from Sixteen Candles, this cookbook from Andrew Rea recreates the dishes in some iconic film scenes. You can eat while you watch. 

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Minimalist Movie Poster
Etsy Etsy

Everyone loves wall art, but typical posters are a little dorm room, no? Why not go for a minimalist poster, then: With classic films (here's a take on Boogie Nights, by noted auteur Paul Thomas Andersonin beautiful designs, they're for grown-up fans. 

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Raptor Enamel Lapel Pin
Dark Spark Decals Amazon

This pin pays homage to one of the most underrated characters in cinema history: The raptor who eats that guy in Jurassic Park. Get it for the clever girl in your life. 

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Bucket List Scratch-Off Movie Poster
Gift Republic Amazon

This poster has 100 of the greatest movies of all time on it, and when your loved one crosses another flick off the list, they can literally scratch off the spot for it on this poster. 


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