37 Best Gifts for the Movie Lover in Your Life

They'll be obsessed—even if you don't exactly understand the reference.

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Cinephiles can be hard to shop for. They have great taste, they're hyper-aware of clichés, and they love an inside joke—so you'll need to get creative when you're picking out a gift for the movie-lover in your life. After all, with the number of movies (opens in new tab) they watch, they've probably seen every kind of gift imaginable. I mean, sure, nothing can top that necklace Rose got in the Titanic from that creep Caledon Hockley or Harry Potter's invisible cloak, but it's the thought that counts—which is why you really, really want this gift (opens in new tab) to count. Thankfully for you, we consulted some film fans about what they want for the holidays, and they delivered. And because we're self-described cinephiles ourselves, we had to throw a couple of our favorites gifts we also wouldn't mind receiving. Here are some genius gift ideas for a film fanatic.

Bianca Rodriguez

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