Meet Netflix's 'Bridgerton' Cast and Characters: The Lords, Ladies, and Gossip-Mongers

Including a royal surprise as the voice of the elusive Lady Whistledown.

Getting to Know the Cast of Netflix's 'Bridgerton'
(Image credit: Netflix/Liam Daniel)

Fans of Jane AustenDownton AbbeyGossip Girl, and everything in between, lend me your ears. The time has come for you to stop watching Pride and Prejudice on repeat (I know, it's hard) and take a breather from your millionth Gossip Girl marathon to revel in what may well be the very steamy, extremely quick-witted period dramedy of your dreams: Bridgerton, Shonda Rhimes' first project as part of her jaw-dropping $150 million Netflix deal. The series is based on Julia Quinn's bestselling romance novels, with the first season, out Dec. 25, following the titular family's eldest daughter's quest for that rare love match that is both status-boosting and full of passion. Bridgerton basically combines all the best parts of period dramas—the dresses! the weirdly strict social rules!—and rom-coms—the meet-cutes! the falling in love with your pretend boyfriend! The story is set in the early 1800s but infused with a refreshingly modern take on gender roles, and is further enhanced by Rhimes' impeccable storytelling. Like I said, it's the period dramedy of your dreams. Here, get to know the cast of the show, from the social-climbing Featherington sisters to mysterious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown.