The Cast of 'Lisa Frankenstein' Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse, the stars of the horror-comedy, dish on their days as child actors.

Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse have a lot more in common than their starring roles in Valentine's Day most horrifying date-night flick. They both came up as child actors (though a few years apart), they're both artistically inclined, and they both have the coolest stories. It's no wonder they have such chemistry playing a misunderstood high schooler and her reanimated corpse crush in Lisa Frankenstein, which hits theaters on February 9. Directed by Zelda Williams, and written by Jennifer's Body scribe Diablo Cody, the new Focus Features film introduces Lisa and her monster's ghoulish love story, as their joint quest for happiness brings about a bit more bloodshed than the average rom-com. This campy, irreverent comedy has it all: a magic tanning bed, bubblegum pink '80s aesthetics, a leotard-clad evil stepmother (played by Carla Gugino), and dazzling performances by Newton and Sprouse, two esteemed veterans within Young Hollywood.

Ahead of the film's release, we sat down with the duo to test their friendship with a trivia game we call How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star? They laughed their way through the friendly competition, as they answered questions about each others' first jobs, first concerts, and early red carpets. (If anyone can find Sprouse's first diaper commercial, we'd be grateful.)

still of cole sprouse and kathryn newton in lisa frankenstein

Cole Sprouse as The Creature and Kathryn Newton as Lisa in 'Lisa Frankenstein (2024)'.

(Image credit: Michele K. Short)

Watch the full challenge, above, then head to your local theater to catch the flick.

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