Watch Millie Bobby Brown Play 'Pop Quiz'

The star of 'Damsel' shows off her favorite dance move and secret talents.

In the new Netflix action movie, Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown subverts expectations playing a not-so-distressed medieval woman as the film's title might suggest. (In the movie, an engagement to a handsome prince doesn't bring a fairy-tale happy ending, but a bait-and-switch where the betrothed is sacrificed to a hungry dragon.) The Stranger Things star pulls off the premise masterfully, displaying a knack for playing female leads who are easily underestimated (thanks in part to her impressive physical performance). But offscreen, the 19-year-old is dealing with much more relatable problems: having Beyoncé's country hit "Texas Hold 'Em" stuck in her head.

millie bobby brown stands in a cave in the netflix movie 'damsel'

(Image credit: John Wilson/Netflix)

In the latest episode of Marie Claire’s Pop Quiz, Brown sat down to answer our burning questions, including her secret talent and her best beauty advice. ("Everything you put onto your skin goes into your bloodstream.") Though she chose to stay mum about some personal subjects, such as her dream honeymoon destination with fiancé Jake Bongiovi, she did share the piece of—universally applicable—advice she'd gave her younger self: "Go to therapy."

Watch Brown in Pop Quiz, above, and then check out Damsel, streaming on Netflix now.

Quinci LeGardye
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