This App is About to Change the Way You Dream

Prepare to over-analyze everything.

Going to sleep just got a whole lot more exciting. DreamsCloud has created a new app called DreamSphere to help us analyze the wonders of our complex human mind based off our dreams.

The app allows users to record their dreams, find similar dreams across the world, and understand the meaning of their dreams using the Dream Dictionary. With a dream journal, insights tool, real-time trending global dream map, and social sharing options right on your phone, you can start figuring out what's really on your mind the moment you wake up.

Interestingly, some of the most frequently logged about topics on Dreamsphere include zombies, wedding, and trip. Other trending topics include waterfall, injured, forest, cliffs, Yankee, and urine/urination (strange!).

Additional popular searches include sex, date, and cheating. In fact, research from DreamsCloud tells us that overall, Americans are dreaming about ex-lovers more than current lovers. But, less than one in five Americans would actually share a dream with their significant other about cheating on them — and only 22 percent would share their dream if their dream was about the partner cheating on them.

"Dreams have such a significant impact on our overall health and wellness, and are the voice of our subconscious mind," said Jean-Marc Emden, Chief Visionary Officer and co-founder of DreamsCloud in a statement. The goal is to help people tap into critical insights and achieve a better understanding of their waking lives.

Never again will you need to be that person starting a sentence with, "So, I had this really weird dream last night..." and asking all your friends and family for their insight. Now, just turn on your phone and find out yourself.


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