MC Playlist: The 20 Artists You Should Know This Year

Because you liked 'em before they were cool, right?

One New Year's resolution we've always had a steadfast loyalty to is revamping our music collection with artists on the rise. It's easy enough to stick to, and let's be honest, there's nothing better than reminding your friends "you heard it here first," or catching an up-and-comer singing for their supper at an intimate, so-close-you-can-feel-the-sweat venue before they're selling out Madison Square Garden (ahem, Sam Smith). 

Whether your tastes span genres or are a bit more singular, 2015 is sure to please. From dreamy pop vocalist Ryn Weaver, who's currently working on a secret project with Charli XCX (need we say more?) to bluesy folk band The Districts, here are 20 artists and their must-download tracks for your listening pleasure. 

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