Ballet Bad Boy Sergei Polunin Is Hypnotizing in Hozier's New Music Video

A remarkable display of athleticism, artistry, and overall amazingness.

There are ballet dancers and then there's Sergei Polunin, ballet's "bad boy." Reputed to be one of the best dancers in the world, the tattooed 25-year-old Ukrainian infamously and suddenly left Britain's Royal Ballet in 2012 after becoming their youngest ever principal. Now he's dancing with the Stanislavsky Music Theatre in Moscow, being photographed by Gus Van Sant, starring in Marc Jacobs campaigns, and dabbling in music videos. 

David LaChapelle directed Polunin in this mesmerizing, four-minute music video for Hozier's "Take Me to Church." It is truly a thing to behold: a remarkable display of athleticism, artistry, and overall hotness. Those leaps. Those tattoos. Those turns. We can't. Stop. Watching. 

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