Spotify Knows What You've Been Adding to Your "Sex" Playlists

And it's…Coldplay?

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From "Let's Get It On" to basically anything Barry White ever recorded, sexy songs have been part of pop culture since it started. But now that we can live-stream any music we want any time we want, the definition of "sexy" is changing.

According to The Guardian, Spotify culled all 2.5 million playlists with the word "sex" in the title to figure out the most popular songs its users play while getting it on. Apparently acts like The 1975, Chet Faker, and The XX made the list. Also: Coldplay.

But we have to call shenanigans here, because there's not a single D'Angelo track on Spotify's resulting master list. And where's Beyoncé? A sex playlist without a single R&B track is definitely suspect. Get it together, Spotify users, for the good of your sex lives.

Here are the most popular "sex" playlist songs:

And the most popular "love" playlist songs, which (correctly) feature John Legend and Rihanna:

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