This Is How Many Leaked Ashley Madison Accounts Belonged to Women

The numbers don't lie.

Ashley Madison
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As the Ashley Madison hack unfurls (opens in new tab), leaving many—including Christian vloggers and Duggars—exposed, there is one fundamental piece of information that still remains hidden: How many of the accounts uncovered belonged to women?

Hack-monitoring firm CybelAngel (opens in new tab) analyzed the data for us and came up with the figure 14 percent—of nearly 33 million total users, 4.4 million registered under female names. Put a different way, for every one woman who opened an Ashley Madison account, eight men did the same.

Ashley Madison hack by gender infographic

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A lot of numbers but very few personal narratives have found their way out so far, but we do have the comments-section confession of one AM user known as C (opens in new tab), which makes it at least a little easier to understand why 5.1 percent of the American population has signed up for the affair-arranging service.

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