The Internet Can't Stop Talking About This Epic Gum Commercial

Sarah and Juan will wreck you.

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I haven't outwardly felt a feeling since 2002, but when I watched this new, emotionally manipulative Extra gum commercial, something in my tear ducts stirred, and a single crystalline droplet rolled down my cheek. JK. It burned, and I had to get a Kleenex.

Featuring a pair of cute, age-ambiguous youths with nice teeth and Haley Reinhart covering an Elvis song as only Haley Reinhart can, "The Story of Sarah and Juan" follows the aforementioned dentally compatible couple as they meet-cute, go to prom, do the long-distance thing, and ultimately get engaged in an art gallery whose walls are lined with tiny! whimsical! pen drawings! Juan! did! on! all! the! gum! wrappers! he's! saved! throughout! the! years! (I'm going into shock because of the feels, if you couldn't tell.)

It could just be that Juan has chronic halitosis, but their love must be strong and true because renting out an event space for a proposal you're not putting on YouTube is no joke.

BONUS: This Extra commercial will also manipulate you emotionally. You will like it. 

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