The "Accidental Wes Anderson" Subreddit Is Your Next Internet Obsession

These locations are beautifully dreamy.

(Image credit: Reddit)

If you need a little visual therapy, head on over to the Accidental Wes Anderson subreddit, where people of the internet are sharing pictures of locations from all over the world that look fit for the quirky director's movies. And, with more than 23,000 subscribers, there are a LOT of amazing images to get lost in.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Shelf, Furniture, Yellow, Room, Cabinetry, Shelving, Interior design, Cupboard, Floor, Orange,

(Image credit: Reddit)

The Lobby Bar of The Graduate Hotel in Oxford, Mississippi.

Lighting, Interior design, Ceiling, Light fixture, Interior design, Molding, Chandelier, Decoration, Column, Ornament,

(Image credit: Reddit)

This green locker room.


(Image credit: Reddit)

This escalator in Singapore.


(Image credit: Reddit)

This whole train station in Singapore.


(Image credit: Reddit)

Sketch, a tea shop in London.


(Image credit: Reddit)

The Utter Inn in Västerås, Sweden.

Water, Sky, House, Water transportation, Home, Architecture, Building, Shed, Boathouse, Roof,

(Image credit: Reddit)

This conference room in North Korea.

Green, Room, Building, Auditorium, Interior design, Classroom, Architecture, Convention center, Table, Conference hall,

(Image credit: Reddit)

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