11 Clues About 'Stranger Things' Season 2 from the New Comic-Con Trailer


This weekend, the cast and creative team behind Netflix's juggernaut Stranger Things took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease Season 2—emphasis on tease.

Moderator Patton Oswalt realized that literally any question about Season 2 was a potential spoiler, but there was no need to worry about that—Netflix trained the Stranger Things team to expertly avoid spoilers.

One part of the presentation did offer some clues about Season 2, though—the new trailer. Set to "Thriller" and full of fantastic '80s references like Dragon's Lair, the trailer is full of potentially-exciting tidbits to dissect.

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It looks like the show's monsters will be bigger than ever this season.

Looks like Will isn't returning to school and his normal life.

There's trouble in teen love paradise for Karen and Steve.

So...could he be the next Eleven?

There's a new girl in town—a tomboy named "Mad Max."

The trap from their Ghostbusters Halloween costumes is seen shaking on its own in one clip. Alternate theory: It's Eleven playing a prank on them.

Everyone gets in the fight this season.

Unless there's another reason for all the guns.

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Karen will go through some really emotional moments.

And there's a very good chance it's tied to #JusticeforBarb.

Eleven is experiencing some Upside Down flashes of her own. 

Watch the full trailer below:

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