11 Reasons Firefly Is the Unsung Hero of Music Festival Season

Glamping in an igloo with Kesha and Bob Dylan? Yes, please.

Firefly music festival
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You may be a seasoned Coachella-veteran (and SXSW and Gov Ball and...), but if you have yet to venture to The Woodlands of Dover, Delaware to catch the unique setup that is Firefly Festival, you're not truly the festy-enthusiast you think you are. From a hammock hangout in the trees to five-star glamping to some serious headliner variety, Firefly is quite possibly the most people-pleasing festival on the calendar. Click through to find out why—then hit "purchase" on those passes ASAP because the fun starts today.

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Glamping in an Igloo

If you're not thrilled at the idea of sleeping in a tent, enter "glamping": The luxury version of being outdoorsy, and a signature of the Firefly experience. And if you're really looking for the VVIP treatment, you can opt for the mood-lit igloo tent, which comes with 24-hour concierge service, AC, multi-colored mood lighting, and a Himalayan salt lamp with power plugs for your iPhone, curling iron, and other wilderness essentials.

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Location, Location, Location
  • One hour from Philly, two hours from DC, three hours from NYC, Delaware has unparalleled meet-in-the-middle appeal for much of the East Coast.
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A Festival For the Fans, By the Fans

Throughout the planning stages of Firefly, the Powers That Be went directly to concert-goers to find out exactly what they wanted to see in 2017. The result? Crowd-curated musician lineups, merchandise designs, on-site attractions, even food.

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Serious Vocal Range

From Bob Dylan to The Weeknd, and Weezer to Kesha, this is not your genre-specific festival. So send your EDM friends over to Benny Benassi while you check out Banks. (Just kidding, they're at different times, so you dont have to choose!) Bonus: Firefly showcases five headliners, whereas other festivals typically feature three or four.

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The Greatest Performance in the History of the World

Indie band Twenty One Pilots, who had their big break at Firefly 2013, has announced that this weekend's performance will be, "The greatest performance in the history of the world." So there's that.

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The Nook

What happens when you add a forrest full of trees with thousands of festival-goers who need somewhere to chill out between sets? The Nook: f.k.a. (and appropriately described as) "Hammock Hangout," a designated lazy zone. 

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Hyper-local Beer

Only in Delaware can you experience first-hand the on-site creation of craft beers from Dogfish Head Brewery, and only at Firefly can you get your hands on Firefly Ale, a Dogfish Head Pale Ale specially brewed for the festival.

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Getting Intimate with Musicians

One of the most unique features of The Woodlands, The Coffee House provides a small-scale setting for intimate performances from 15 acts.

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Music on the Move
  • New for 2017, rising stars will be performing on-the-go, aboard Firefly's new roaming truck stage, The Rambler. It's so new, we don't even have a picture of it. Send us yours?
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A Recycled Rec Center

One of those fan-curated experiences we mentioned, 2017 will see the debut of a multi-level bar and patio created entirely of recycled materials. Stop by for yard games, food trucks, and upper level viewing decks to The Lawn and Porch Stages.

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The Eats

Three words: Loaded. Chesapeake. Fries. Okay, we'll give you a few more: Mother Clucker Roti Rolls and Butter Chicken Naan-chos. 

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