Are Jin-seok and Min-young Still Together After 'Single's Inferno' Season 3?

The pair eventually found their way back to each other, but did it last after filming?

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Spoilers for Single's Inferno season 3 finale ahead. This season of Single's Inferno kept viewers guessing about which contestants would leave Inferno together on the final day. But if there was anything close to a day-one couple, it was Lee Jin-seok and An Min-young. Sparks immediately flew between the pair when they arrived on the island, with both fans and the rest of the cast telling them that they were most likely to be endgame from early on. Temptation did briefly get in the way on both sides, especially when late arrival Min-ji showed up. But by the end of it all, Jin-seok and Min-young did commit to each other and become the first final couple of season 3. Now that the show is done, viewers are wondering whether the pair are still going strong (and if they are having plenty of bakery dates) in the real world.

What are Jin-seok and Min-young's ages and jobs?

Min-young is a 26-year-old Pilates instructor who owns her own studio and also does modeling and content creating on the side. Like many of the show's cast, she is also a pageant queen and was crowned Miss Korea Busan 2023. Jin-seok, 31, owns several bakery cafés in the cities of Daegu and Seoul, where he enjoys brewing coffee and baking various desserts. Despite his dedication to the gym, working out is just a hobby for him.

What happened between Jin-seok and Min-young on 'Single's Inferno' 3?

Jin-seok and Min-young chose each other for the first Paradise date of the season, where they revealed their jobs and ages and discussed visiting each other in the real world. They also shared a memorable pool date filled with lots of PDA (remember Min-young jumping on Jin-seok's back and whispering something in his ear?). They were split up when they returned to the two Infernos, and though Min-young first told the women that she felt more of a friendly, "sibling" vibe with Jin-seok, she later clarified that she missed that sense of comfort once they were separated. Min-young also made it clear to the women that she still wanted to get to know the other guys, but she shared in a confessional that she was worried the other guys wouldn't approach her since she already seemed to be in a solid couple with Jin-seok. That tension came to a head on the night when the cast gave out anonymous candy to everyone they were interested in. Jin-seok, who was all in on Min-young, only gave out one candy, to her, but Min-young confessed that she gave out four candies.

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After the candy game, Jin-seok told Min-young that it was okay that she was interested in multiple people, and that he would pursue her less from then on even though she was still his no. 1. Though this was a pretty kind response on Jin-seok's part, it made Min-young disappointed to the point that she started crying, and she admitted in a confessional that she still wasn't sure how she felt about him. The very next day, Min-ji made her arrival on the island and chose Jin-seok (along with model Min-woo) to go on a Paradise date. The date went well, and when they got back, Jin-seok let Min-young know that he wasn't so sure about his feelings for her anymore, especially since she seemed to like him only when it became clear that she could lose him. For the next few episodes, their dynamic switches, with Min-young pursuing and Jin-seok playing hard to get.

By the finale, it becomes clear that Min-young and Jin-seok are each other's top choices. Min-young even cries as she tells Jin-seok that she's grateful for him, though he keeps up the teasing he's been doing for the past few days. (At one point, he even calls Min-young "ex-wife," but he clearly still had feelings for her.) When she picks him as her final choice, Min-young tells him, "Thank you for being so nice to me. This place would’ve been a literal inferno without you here. Bake me some bread when we go out." Jin-seok responds with a simple, "Thank you," and they leave the island hand in hand.

Are Jin-seok and Min-young still together?

Despite fan speculation, Jin-seok himself has confirmed that and Min-young's connection did not lead to a relationship in the real world. In an interview with the Korean news outlet Osen, posted on January 16, the entrepreneur revealed that he and Min-young are not currently dating, as they are both focused on running their own businesses. Jin-seok's quote, translated from Korean using the translation site Papago, reads, "We had good feelings for each other [with An Min-young], but since Min-young and I are doing our own business, we are not currently seeing each other because we are focusing on our own work. We are doing well with good feelings."

Even before the interview dropped, it was clear that the pair were on good terms based on their Instagram activity. They currently follow each other on Instagram, and both have shared sweet pics from meetups following season 3's release. They even shared a sweet exchange on their Instagram Stories the day the season 3 finale aired. Min-young posted a photo of Jin-seok lying down in a café, captioned, "Why do you sleep on the floor?" He then reposted the same pic on his own story, adding, "You told me to lie down." Even as friends, they're still adorable together.

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