'Selling the OC' Season 2: Everything We Know

The Newport Beach-based Oppenheim agents are back for a second round.

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Netflix's second Selling Universe spinoff, Selling the OC, arrived in August 2022 and introduced fans to a new cast of realtors that are even wilder than the Sunset crew. Based out of the Oppenheim Group's new Newport Beach office, the series' first season has tons of inter-office competition and interpersonal drama for those of us who are fascinated by questionable workplace dynamics and ultra-luxury real estate. (Where LA's homes have industrial touches, the OC has so much wood!)

Now that a year has passed, a second round of episodes is scheduled to bring the rowdy group of realtors back to the small screen. Below, check in on when viewers can expect a second season with the OC crew. 

Has 'Selling the OC' been renewed for Season 2?

Yes! Netflix took a while to announce a decision on Selling the OC's renewal, which left viewers wondering whether the streaming giant would continue to expand the Selling franchise past its mega-hit Sunset. But in January 2023, the streamer announced that the OC spinoff would return for seasons 2 and 3. 

When will 'Selling the OC' season 2 hit Netflix?

Season 2 will arrive on Netflix on September 8, 2023, with all eight episodes hitting the streamer that day. There's no word on whether the season will include a reunion special, but since Sunset didn't get one until season 5, it's unlikely that OC season 2 will have a special.

Is there a trailer for 'Selling the OC' season 2?

The first look at the new season begins by focusing on the business side of the OC brokerage. The agents appear to be making sales and breaking records, and Jason and Brett Oppenheim tell the group they've just opened an office in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they have a billion-with-a-"B" dollar listing. After setting the stage for a Cabo trip, the clip switches over to interpersonal drama, showing Brandi Marshall as she tells her co-workers, "People are thinking that we’re messy as a brokerage. Everybody in O.C.’s talking about it."

Some of the storylines the trailer directly nods at includes discord between Alexandra Jarvis and Alexandra Rose, as well as possible flirtation between Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall, and a mysterious video involving Stanaland and Polly Brindle. For those who missed the news between seasons, Stanaland and ex-wife Brittany Snow announced their separation a month after season 1's premiere; their divorce was finalized in July 2023, per People. If Hall and Stanaland do end up getting together (especially after Nosey-gate and everything that happened with Kayla in season 1), there will likely be plenty of the mess that Marshall mentioned.

Who will return for 'Selling the OC' season 2?

The entire season 1 cast is set to return for the new season, including: Jason and Brett Oppenheim, Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri and Tyler Stanaland.

There will also be a new agent joining the stacked cast, and she's another Alexandra! (Seriously, where do they keep finding more?) Tennessee native Alexandra Harper is an aspiring real estate agent and former pageant queen who makes her debut in the season 2 trailer. She seems to gravitate towards Jarvis upon her arrival at the brokerage; one moment from the trailer sees Victoria saying that Harper is "Jarvis 2.0," before it cuts cuts to the two Alexandras toasting to "taking over the O.C."

(L to R) Ali Harper, Austin Victoria, Polly Brindle, Tyler Stanaland in episode 202 of Selling the OC

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