Run, Don't Walk: Rihanna's First Puma Sneaker Is Available to Buy Now

Contain yourselves!

Rihanna's New Puma Sneakers
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Update, 9/15: What are you more excited about: A Puma creeper designed by Rihanna going on sale today (opens in new tab) or the Rihanna/Travis Scott plot (opens in new tab) thickening like a béchamel left on the heat for seven hours? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ WHO CAN CHOOSE? 

Released as the Puma by Rihanna Collection under Rihanna's Fenty label (opens in new tab), the first release reimagines the classic Puma Suede as a flatform to wear with a slip dress, black lipstick, and your maybe-boyfriend. Look—Rihanna's excited too!

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Now look again—Travis Scott sighting! 

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Starring in a campaign together is like the new third date, right? Pick up a pair of creepers online (opens in new tab) now.

Update, 12/16: There's no use keeping your emotions in check now—Rihanna has officially signed on as creative director of Puma. As part of a multi-year deal, she'll oversee the women's line "to design and customize classic Puma styles as well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio," the activewear firm said in a statement Tuesday. 

Fingers crossed it won't be long before we spy a pair of reworked Whirlwinds on her Instagram—according to WWD (opens in new tab), she hit the ground running, flying to Germany on Monday to hold her first design meeting.

Original story, 11/24: So long, Alexander Wang sweats (opens in new tab). Goodbye, Tom Ford rhinestone pasties. Hello, endless Puma?

According to the New York Daily News (opens in new tab), Rihanna is in talks to ink a seven-figure deal with the sportswear brand, which could include designing shoes, "helping with pants and tops," and agreeing to only wear athletic footwear decorated with a leaping mountain lion logo.

If the Barbadian fashion darling—who has partnerships with River Island (opens in new tab), Armani, and MAC under her belt—scrawls her name on the dotted line, she could also be signing on to work with Solange Knowles: The newlywed (opens in new tab) became art director of the brand in February 2014, shortly after which she turned out a line of artsy pastel trainers.

Can Rihange/Solanna come up with sneakers to end Adidas' reign of fash-collab dominance? Our take: If they can't do it, nobody can.

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