Year-Round Beauty

Some makeup, hair, and skincare products are meant for only one season. But, these four are effective no matter the time of year!

Spring and its complement, spring cleaning, are officially here, meaning it's time to swap out bulky sweaters and boots for sundresses and sandals, and heavy moisturizers and hair masks for light, tinted formulas and anti-frizz treatments. But, before you wipe your cabinet shelves clean to make way for warm-weather-appropriate products, give these transitional beauty goods a second chance.

Despite my wavy-straight hair, I fight frizz all-year-round. While many anti-frizz products are only available in hot-weather-friendly cream or serum formulas, Couture Color's Pequi Oil Treatment ($32) works no matter the forecast. Rich in moisture-restoring antioxidants, vitamins A and E, proteins and lipids, this weightless treatment improves shine, texture, and any breakage or hair damage.

I love a faux glow any day of the year. What I hate — an unnatural, orange tint covering my body once bathing-suit-season rolls around. Whish Coconut Milk SPF15 Self Tanner ($34) provides believable bronzy color without streakage, even in the sunless winter months. The added octinoxate and oxybenzone are what carry this self-tanner from winter straight into my beach bag.

I've written about my problematic skin before. Combating oil and dryness at the same time is no easy feat. Throw in a weather change, and my skin cries out for help of all kinds. I turn to Brazilian Peel Clear ($45) to help fight breakouts without causing major alligator skin. Formulated with salicylic acid to treat acne and glycolic acid to neutralize and prevent future breakouts, this kit is perfectly effective yet gentle enough for my combination skin.

While my shadows, liners, and foundations change with each season, the one product that remains the same (and is a staple in my daily routine) is bronzer. During the summer months, bronzers deliver sun-kissed color flawlessly, but in the winter, golden skin can look dirty and artificial. That's why I love Too Faced Beach Bunny Bronzer ($29). The illuminating powder combines four universally flattering shades to create a believable shimmer in December and a deep tan come July.

Lindsay Leff is a beauty industry veteran who created Kiss and Wear to showcase her favorite products, dissect celebrity beauty looks, and teach others how to live with style.