High-Heeled Crocs Are Super Popular and I Don't Know What to Believe Anymore

They feature "attractive metal hardware."

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If you, like me, believed that the only way to improve Crocs would be to paste a fat heel on the end, then you're in luck. Right now, high-heeled Crocs, a.k.a. the "Cyprus V Heel," can be yours—and if you wondered, yes, they're just Crocs with a wedge heel.

"This version has an elegant strap design with a little more top-of-foot coverage and attractive metal hardware around the collar," the Crocs website informs me. ("Attractive" and "metal hardware" seem to be at odds, but who am I to judge?) The website adds: "You’ll appreciate the subtle elastic on the straps for a more forgiving fit." (Will I?!)

To be fair, the Cyprus V Heel isn't the very first pair of heeled shoes by Crocs. There's the Isabella Block Heels, the Sanrah Strappy Wedge, the Leigh Wedge, the Lina Wedge—the list goes on. Most of these shoes don't look like Crocs, though, which is perhaps their selling point. The Cyprus V Heel is different—just an elevated Croc that comes in a variety of colors, including "Platinum/Wild Orchid," just in case you thought things couldn't get weirder.

Yet I appear to be in the minority here. The Cyprus V Heel is completely sold out on the Crocs website, and the original $55 price tag has been hiked up to a staggering $225 on Amazon if you really, really need a pair.

Some consumers felt strongly enough to leave reviews. Glowing reviews, I should add!


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Others felt so strongly that they're literally begging Crocs to restock and to add more color options.


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So, I mean, there you have it. The Cyprus V Heel, a.k.a. the perfect day-to-night footwear, topped off with some "attractive metal hardware" and just enough "top-of-foot coverage" to keep 'em guessing. Get on the waiting list while you still can!



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