How Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Keep Their Dresses from Flying Up

Because flashing the Queen would be a problem.

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Scene: You're walking back to the office with your lunch in hand/you're texting on your phone and suddenly, a gust of wind blows your breezy chiffon dress right up. And you know at least one person got a glimpse of your underwear. Dammit. But if this is any comfort, know that royals, too, sometimes suffer weather-related wardrobe malfunctions. Kate Middleton's dresses have fallen victim to windy days on several occasion, though we have yet to see that on Meghan Markle. That's likely because there are precautions in place to protect her, and every other royal, from accidentally flashing strangers—or worse, the Queen.

According to Myka, founder of Beaumont Etiquette, a fashion hack Kate and Meghan use to keep their skirts from flying up is to wear "bodysuits and clothes that actually increase static so it’s much hard for something to fly up." (That makes sense to me.)

"I know when I went to finishing school we were taught that when you are on the tarmac, if you do not use weights or heavy weighted material, you make sure it will not fly up by wearing under garments that keep the fabrics connect to your body," she said. "Also the undergarment would be chosen for that reason."

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Although the royals are currently taking a break from their public duties, Meghan has several trips lined up in the fall. And the fashion hack Myka mentioned will definitely come in handy when Meghan steps off the plane.

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