Meghan Markle's Thigh-High Slit Reformation Dress Doesn't Actually Defy Royal Protocol

It's daring, but it's allowed.

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So far on her royal tour with husband Prince HarryMeghan Markle is really delivering on the pregnancy style front. Her choices over the past week have been endless and varied, from super chic blazer moments, to cool and casual outfits with sneakers, and some sleek and elegant formal choices in between. The latest look from the Duchess of Sussex came as she and Harry met with royal family fans on Queensland’s Fraser Island, where Meghan went for a relaxed, off-duty kind of vibe that was perfect for the Australian sun.

Heading down the pier after a quick outfit change, Meghan showed off her $218 Pineapple dress from eco-friendly, cool-girl brand Reformation, in muted stripes with strappy shoulders and a tie at the waist. The dress also featured a thigh-high slit which looked beyond incredible on pregnant Meghan—but which also isn’t exactly your average choice for a Duchess.

A few less-than-chill people on Twitter were quick to point out her exposed arms and shoulders, the thin, beach-ready material, and of course, the amount of leg on the show. Yep, I'm eye-rolling too, but has Meghan technically defied royal protocol with her clothes this time around?

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Although it’s definitely a much more laid-back look for the Duchess of Sussex compared to previous engagements, the Reformation dress doesn’t actually break any official rules. There is in fact no written, black-and-white code to state exactly whether Meghan (or any other royal women) may or may not wear a dress with exposed arms or thigh slits for casual public appearances. It's totally her call, and surely comfortable style is the most important thing for her right now.

In fact, just as Meghan has been previously choosing to do on this tour, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton often opts to show her arms and shoulders for both casual and formal occasions, too.

Also, it’s 2018, so.

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Now can we go back to focusing on how amazing Meghan looks in this outfit? And back to crying about the fact that the dress is well and truly sold out everywhere on the planet? Sigh, Markle strikes again.

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