Why I'm Wearing These Black Boots Everywhere This Fall

Your new go-to footwear.

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(Image credit: Diane Russo)

Every fall, I reach into my closet for a pair of black boots, only to find them covered in water-stain marks or worn down to the soles from commuting to work and running to meetings (I’ve been meaning to replace that heel since last winter). As a fashion editor, the state of my black boots season after season prove that they’re the ones I wear the most—and are also the ones I most frequently need to replace.

So as we head into another chilly season, I went on the hunt for a pair that would not only give me a little boost in height, but also feel super comfortable. As someone who commutes to work in Manhattan from Brooklyn, walkable shoes are non-negotiable.

Enter the ECCO Shape Sculpted Motion 55. The black ankle bootie is a slip on-and-off situation, making them easy to slide into in the mornings. The cylindrical heel is approximately 2.1 inches (55mm), which bumps me up to a 5’6” stance and makes me feel confident and polished. I love feeling tall in my shoes without actually wearing pumps.

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(Image credit: Diane Russo)

Though elevated, my feet still feel like they’re being hugged by a cloud, thanks to the anatomically-shaped footbed cups that provide excellent arch support. However, the true test was seeing if I could wear them all day, from work through happy hour.

For the office, I wore a plaid pantsuit dressed down with a chunky knit sweater. I work in a creative environment, so this look feels less corporate and more fashion. Flared trousers normally make my legs look short, but the heeled booties balance out my bottom proportions.

I work in a creative environment, so this look feels less corporate and more fashion.

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(Image credit: Diane Russo)

I felt cool wearing a two-piece set with boots instead of strappy heels; I was able to power walk across the street and dodge cars without tripping. The ECCO boots even held up in the rain as I stepped into puddles (no soaked socks).

Once I was done with my 9-to-5, I switched outfits but kept the boots on for drinks. My second outfit was decidedly more casual: a puff-sleeve black top, black bodysuit, and blue jeans. The boots complemented the ensemble right away, especially because I was wearing all black on top. Usually I need a few drinks to forget my feet are hurting in heels, but on this night I did no such thing. The boots were still comfortably molded to my feet and I felt dressy yet casual.

The boots complemented the ensemble right away, especially because I was wearing all black on top.

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(Image credit: Diane Russo)

When I got home, my sister complimented me on the shoes and then proceeded to ask if she could borrow them. Needless to say, these booties are going to serve me (and my sister) well for the rest of fall.

Photography by Diane Russo, Styling by Savannah White, Makeup by Rommy Najor, Hair by Matthew Tuozzoli.

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