Katie Holmes Has a Gorgeous "New York Moment" in a Slip Dress and Blazer

As she's been snapped out and about lately, Katie Holmes has been killing it, style-wise. She just stepped out in two perfect fall looks.

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(Image credit: Gonzalo Marroquin)

Katie Holmes is out and about in her home of New York, casually giving us all fashion envy in fall outfits that say "I've just stepped out and am perfectly prepared for the weather," as opposed to my fall outfits that say "I wasn't prepared, at all, and now I'm cold."

Holmes captioned her latest photo "New York moment 💕" and tagged designer Gabriela Hearst (looks like she has the Demi bag in white), stylist Julia von Boehm, hairstylist DJ Quintero, and makeup artist Gregg Brockington. It doesn't look like she IDed the slip dress, but it hangs perfectly underneath a simple neutral blazer to give herself some structure, and warmth in the cooler temps, while still feeling effortlessly chic. Slip dresses: The perfect transitional garment!

Not pictured, but also tagged: Rothy's, which must have been the shoes she's wearing (yay eco-fashion—not the first time Holmes has dipped into that trend!). Rothy's are terrific, and I'm a huge fan, so well done.

Earlier in the week, she attended the JR: Chronicles Opening At the Brooklyn Museum, in what might be my ideal transitional outfit—seriously, if I could look like this anytime I leave the house in the fall, I'd be delighted. She wore a tan leather trench, white tee, cropped raw denim, tan striped bag, and white sneakers, another fall fashion staple.

It looks like her hair is shorter than about a week ago, when she attended and spoke at Global Citizen (those might have been extensions, not sure):

But this shoulder-length cut is very Joey from Dawson's Creek, and I love it.

Here are the posts:

And this is a better look at her leather trench outfit:

JR: Chronicles Opening At The Brooklyn Museum

(Image credit: Gonzalo Marroquin)


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