Kate Middleton Merries Up in the Perfect Red Puffer

It's festive coat season!

The Duchess Of Cambridge Joins Family Action To Mark New Patronage
(Image credit: Chris Jackson)

Happy puffer season! It's officially December and C-O-L-D, which means the holidays are right around the corner—and the Duchess of Cambridge is all about it. Today, Kate Middleton visited Peterley Manor Farm as part of her newly announced role as Royal Patron of Family Action, where she participated in festive activities like helping children supported by the program choose Christmas trees, which, yes, was just as extraordinarily cute as it sounds.

For the occasion, the royal fittingly chose a casual and Christmas-themed look: She wore skinny jeans, a sturdy pair of mud-appropriate boots, a bright green sweater, and an equally cheery red puffer jacket.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Joins Family Action To Mark New Patronage

(Image credit: Chris Jackson)

I want to steal this outfit idea for my own tree-procuring activities this weekend: functional and festive! The merry red puffer from Perfect Moment is the same one she wore at a Heads Together event in 2017, and while the Mini Duvet style looks to be sold out (though it's available here in black), the brand has a similar version available (and on sale!) that includes a hood, which, in my opinion, only adds to the perfection of the thing. Sudden blustery gust? Snow shower? Pine needles poking you in the face as you carry your new Christmas tree the four blocks to your New York City apartment because your husband didn't want to spend money to get it delivered and there are two of you so you should be able to carry it yourselves? Use the hood! (For the last one, I'd recommend gloves as well... Pine needles are very prickly!)

The Palace announced the news of the Duchess of Cambridge's new role with the Family Action today in a press release:

Her Majesty The Queen has passed the patronage to The Duchess having held the role for over 65 years. Her Majesty took the patronage over from Queen Mary in 1953. To mark her new patronage, The Duchess is visiting Peterley Manor Farm where she will join families and children supported by the Family Action taking part in Christmas activities.

The Duchess of Cambridge has spent much of the last eight years meeting charities and organisations who work every day to make our families and communities stronger. There is a powerful correlation between a parent or carer’s wellbeing and their child’s development, which is why organisations such as Family Action that provide support are instrumental to a child’s future. This new patronage aligns with Her Royal Highness’ longstanding work on the early years, and the importance of supporting children and families during this seminal period of their lives.

Family Action was founded in 1869 to help families in difficulty by giving them practical help and support. Today, Family Action continues to tackle difficult issues facing families – including financial hardship, mental health and emotional wellbeing, social isolation, parenting challenges, domestic abuse, and substance misuse.

Happy merry holidays!

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