Kate Middleton Just Debuted a Gorgeous New Diamond Ring at the Diplomatic Reception

At the Diplomatic Reception, Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous diamond ring that she's never worn before. Other than her engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, Kate doesn't usually wear rings.

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File this under: Jewelry that's so major I'm going to dream about it at night. Among Kate Middleton's gorgeous accessories at last night's prestigious Diplomatic Reception (fans raved that she looked just like a future queen should), it looks like she just debuted a new piece—a chunky ring that looks like a diamond cluster, with a huge stone in the center. It's the first time she's worn this ring ever, and it's not totally known if it's from the royal collection or a totally new piece. And just wait until you see it—it's a jewel with a capital J.

What Kate Wore noted that Kate doesn't usually wear many rings other than her engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring, so this must be extra special. Daily Mail wondered if it might be a gift from William, and now that that's in my brain, I desperately want it to be the truth. Fun fact: The Queen also debuted an updated version of a major emerald necklace last night, so we are being blessed with so much new royal jewelry I can't even handle it right now.

Here's as good a look as we could get from the ring:

Royals Attend A Reception For The Diplomatic Corps At Buckingham Palace

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And a (very blurry, sorry) closeup:

Royals Attend A Reception For The Diplomatic Corps At Buckingham Palace

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Here's the full look, with gorgeous chunky ring on display:

Royals Attend A Reception For The Diplomatic Corps At Buckingham Palace

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And fans noted that she looked so much like Princess Diana in that iconic navy dress that she wore dancing with John Travolta. That dress failed to sell at auction recently and was subsequently acquired by Historic Royal Palaces:

Princess Diana Dancing with John Travolta

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If we ID the ring and its origin, we'll update the post, but for right now I'm just going to go back and ogle Kate's outfit some more.

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