Zoey Deutch Wears 'Titanic'-Esque Necklace to the Golden Globes

110 carats of diamonds and sapphires. I repeat: 110 carats.

Zoey Deutch in a yellow jumpsuit with hands on hips wears a necklace with a large sapphire.
(Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

A flared mustard jumpsuit. The 1997 disaster epic Titanic. If you were dressing for the Golden Globes, would these be on your mood board? If not, more fool you—because Zoey Deutch, of Netflix's The Politician fame, brought those elements together on the Globes red carpet, and did it work. Deutch slicked back her hair and wore a Fendi Couture made-to-measure wool jumpsuit with a deep V to ensure that the focus was on her necklace, a giant, glittering pièce de résistance with a deep blue stone, and the matching earrings. In a tweet, Harry Winston noted that Deutch was wearing more than 110 carats of diamonds and sapphires from the jeweler.

Deutch and her Politician castmates are nominated for an Emmy for the best comedy or musical TV show of the season. If you didn't immediately recognize Deutch as one of the show's stars, don't feel bad—she's virtually unrecognizable in The Politician, where she plays a high schooler who falls victim of her grandmother's Munchausen's by proxy. She's makeup-free and waiflike in the show, but could not look more glam on the red carpet tonight.

Here's the Titanic-esque necklace in all its glory:

Zoey Deutch wears a diamond and sapphire necklace.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Zoey Deutch in a yellow jumpsuit and large diamond and sapphire necklace.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

And here's the mustard jumpsuit, which—somehow—goes perfectly with it:

Zoey Deutch wearing a flowing mustard yellow jumpsuit on the red carpet.

(Image credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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