Katie Holmes Wore Two Totally Different Outfits In One Evening

She stopped by Fendi and Zimmerman events for Fashion Week.

Katie Holmes
(Image credit: Getty Images / JP Yim)

  • Last night in New York, Katie Holmes joined stars like Winnie Harlow and Zendaya at a Fendi NYFW event.
  • That same day, judging by Zimmerman's Instagram Stories, she also attended a Zimmermann launch party in a totally different outfit.
  • Holmes just landed on the cover of Flaunt, looking amazing and so sultry. 

New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020 is about to start, and fashion star Katie Holmes is out and about attending launch parties and fashion shows galore. Oh, and, she looks amazing, but you knew that already.

Yesterday, she attended two events. At the Fendi's The Launch of Solar Dream—which apparently launched the brand's new collections and had an interactive installation—Holmes accessorized her pretty Fendi multicolor chenille dress with a light yellow bag and pretty blue pumps.

She also paired the look with chunky gold necklaces that she's been favoring a lot lately. Oh, and her dress is shoppable, FYI, for a perfect office-to-party look. 

Here's a look at the full-length outfit:

Katie Holmes

(Image credit: Getty Images / JP Yim)

At some point in the evening, at the Zimmermann party at Don Angie in New York, Holmes was wearing a totally different outfit into what looked like a patterned shirtdress, with sunglasses hanging casually off of her outfit. It looks like she kept the same chunky necklaces, which complemented the neckline of the dress perfectly. It's a little hard to tell, since the photo is black and white, if the dress is currently for sale (or if it's bespoke), but either way she looks amazing.

Here's the shot from Zimmermann's Instagram Stories:

Zimmermann's Instagram Stories

(Image credit: Instagram / Zimmermann)

So cute.

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