Katie Holmes Stuns in an Oversize White Wardrobe.NYC Coat

Katie Holmes, who has been out and about in 2020, just shared a glam photo on Instagram of her in a Wardrobe.NYC white coat.

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  • Katie Holmes, who has been out and about in 2020, just shared a glam photo on Instagram of her in a Wardrobe.NYC white coat.
  • The best part of the photo? Her confident, eyebrow-raised, badass pose. Go Katie!
  • More pics of Holmes' new fab style, right this way.

Another day, another incredible Katie Holmes outfit—this time with a fierce face to go along with her gorgeous white coat. As a long-time Katie fan, I'm so delighted to see her channeling her badass side—and we have the details of what she's wearing, which makes it even better.

Holmes captioned the photo simply, "Wardrobe.NYC 📸 by Christine Centenera ❤️." It's not clear whether this is for a magazine shoot; Christine Centenera is a stylist who's also fashion director at Vogue Australia. But Wardrobe.NYC also has the photo on their Instagram, so it looks like it might be a product shot. Either way, it's so glam it hurts.

As IDed by Wardrobe.NYC, Holmes is wearing the Release 05 Double Breasted Coat that's got a touch of oversize feel to it that extends all the way to the knees. Holmes is tall enough to pull off something like that without the look being overwhelming. FYI, though, only a few are left, so if you're interested in snagging one for yourself, go now.

Holmes wears the jacket with the collars turned up and her long brunette hair tucked into it. She accessorizes with a simple gold bangle and wears black underneath, letting the jacket be the standout piece. She looks totally fearless—I love it.

Here's the original post:

So chic.

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