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What I Wear on Repeat: This Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress

I own it in three different colors.

outdoor voices exercise dress
Susanna Hayward

In our biweekly series, editors share the item they wear on repeat, whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.

what i wear on repeat

It's comfy. It's come-hither. It's probably all over your Instagram feed. It's the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress, and it has become my official 2020 uniform. I first noticed The Dress (yes, I gave it a name) in a targeted ad thanks to my voyeuristic Alexa, and for once, I wasn't tempted to go off the grid—it was just so cute. Working from home has completely changed my dressing habits, and I've been laser-focused on buying versatile, comfortable athleisure to putter around in. I ordered one and the second I put it on, I was enamored.

outdoor voices exercise dress
On my fire escape, safe from flashing the street below thanks to the dress’ built-in shorts.
Susanna Hayward

This piece is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality—think the streetwear version of a tennis skort. The built-in shorts are what make it a staple: They're snug enough for that compression-y feeling I love in athleisure, but don't pinch at the hem and turn my thighs into unwilling sausage links. There's an iPhone-sized pocket on one side—concealed under the dress' skirt—that makes me feel like a spy à la The Americans whenever I reach for my keys. And based off of my own experience (and online reviews), The Dress runs pretty true to size, something I really appreciate when it comes to online shopping. A size small fits me perfectly (I'm a size 4 in most clothing) even with my larger bust.

The Exercise Dress
Outdoor Voices outdoorvoices.com

Speaking of which, The Dress happens to be the only piece in my entire wardrobe that I can wear without a bra, which is absolutely priceless for someone who lives nearly every waking minute with red, groovy strap marks on her shoulders. The stretchy inner lining is clingy and resilient enough to support my chest, and substantial enough to cover everything. Although, if you're doing something intense or bouncy in nature (like burpees or dance cardio), it'll look adorable and be more supportive with a sports bra layered underneath.

I own the dress in three different colors (sage, lavender, and a black and white polka dot number). I am almost never not wearing one of them. Sweating it out to Isaac Calpito's Instagram live class? Exercise dress. Hopping on a city bike to the West Village? Exercise dress. Hinge date in Tompkins Square Park? You get it. I'm truly shocked, though, that I don't have more photos wearing it—maybe I just feel so blissfully svelte and secure that I forget to document the moment? I'll certainly be wearing my exercise dresses straight through fall, paired with thicker socks and layered under a sporty crew neck or slouchy cashmere sweater.

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Anyway, I'm clearly not the only one who goes bananas for this stretchy lil' number. The Internet abounds with rave reviews, and I've convinced numerous friends, Instagram followers, and strangers on the street to make the purchase, and have only heard ringing endorsements since. (One friend bought the electric yellow shade, wore it on a hike, and reported back with a resounding "THIS DRESS FUCKS.") I can confirm it indeed does.

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