Confused About How to Dress For Work These Days? Let Amazon Handle It.

Everything you need to know about the personal shoppers of Prime Wardrobe.

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Figuring out how to dress for work over the past year has been...interesting. We’ve spiraled and pivoted and gone to extremes, trying to make up for our cobbled-together WFH desks by dressing up, then changing course and furiously searching for ways to make sweatpants feel “work-appropriate.” With offices reopening and in-person meetings starting to become more of a possibility, we’re facing another challenge: How do you shop for clothing that needs to be perfect for going out and staying in?

If you’ve felt ready to throw your hands in the air and just give up, wait! There’s a handy solution that’s closer than you might think: Amazon’s Personal Shopper service takes the speed and convenience you know and love about the site and app and adds in a human touch with a shopper who will comb through its fashion options and pull together looks that fit the bill (whatever your bill is).

What is it?

As part of the Amazon Prime Wardrobe program, the logistics are the same as that genius set-up: A box of clothing arrives at your door, you try everything on before sending back what you don’t want, and your credit card is charged for the items you do keep. The key difference with Personal Shopper is that you’re ceding responsibility to someone else, which can feel glorious if your brain’s already being pulled in a hundred different directions.

The extra personalized touch does cost a fee ($4.99/month), but it’s something we’re more than ready to pay in order to reclaim the time that would’ve gone into stressing over outfit-construction. The charge reflects the styling work too. An email will lay out all the picks as a roadmap, clearly calling out what pieces are meant to be paired together.

How do I do it?

Start by filling out a survey to give your personal shopper a feel for your normal style. The form first prompts you to to address how often you wear particular “types” (e.g., “retro”; “bohemian”) and gives you an opportunity to weigh in on brands you already own and prints and patterns you don’t like. More questions cover preferences on silhouettes, heel heights, and any areas you try to cover—all in all, it’s an easy, breezy digital version of the conversation you’d be having with a personal shopper behind the doors of a dressing room.

But what if….

Okay, you do have the option to micro-manage just a bit if you want. Whether you’re a little particular about some things or need an outfit for a certain occasion, there are a few spots to share your thoughts with your stylist. From ticking off silhouettes you want (blouses, not tees) or leaving a note (“I’m presenting during a big virtual conference—help!”), the initial questionnaire helps determine exactly what you need. Personal shoppers are available to chat with on desktop or in the app, too, should you want to get more specific, and before anything ships, you’ll get the chance to review your shopper’s picks and select favorites you want to receive in person.

Below, a few favorites to consider requesting from your personal shopper.

Work-Ready Favorites from Amazon Fashion

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