Fashion Test Drive: 3 Tacori Wedding Bands

Accessories Director Julia Gall tries out a selection of wedding bands with her heirloom engagement ring.

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At Marie Claire, we love to be the first to discover what will become the hottest accessories and looks for the upcoming season. But instead of simply identifying the latest It items, we’ve decided to go one step further. Welcome to Fashion Test Drive: our ongoing series where editors demo must-have pieces before they arrive in stores—and in your closet. Next up: Tacori’s Wedding Bands.

My wedding was postponed in 2020 for obvious reasons, but now I’m finally ready to rekindle the planning. Though the venue, flowers, and guest list are still up in the air, what I do know is that we still plan on exchanging wedding rings. And with that comes jewelry shopping! My engagement ring is an antique family heirloom of my fiancé’s that perfectly encapsulates my feminine and subtly chic sense of style. Also, it provides me with the opportunity to play into my creativity and experiment with a wide a variety of wedding band silhouettes.

So to start my search, I turned to the experts at Tacori. The California-based jeweler is a go-to for brides searching for those unique details that deliver the “cool factor” to a timeless wedding stack. The master artisans behind the brand’s covetable styles meticulously handcraft each ring to your specifications, and the Crescent Silhouette detailing featured on the inner face of their bands immediately piqued my interest.

Here, I’ve tested out three Tacori signature wedding bands that perfectly complement my heirloom engagement ring but can stand beautifully on their own too. Now for the real test: choosing just one!

Vintage Vibes


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Many brides with unusual ring silhouettes like mine turn to custom band designs so their stacks can nest together seamlessly. But whether you’re designing something new or looking for a perfect option right out of the jewelry case, it’s always a good idea to lean into the aesthetic of your engagement ring. The marquise-shaped design of this eternity diamond band suits my vintage ring perfectly without hugging every corner. I love the delicate but ornate detail of Tacori’s Crescent Silhouette on the insides of the band. Together, the two rings look timeless and beautiful—a treasured heirloom set that can be passed down to the next generation.

Pops of Color


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Choosing a classic wedding band silhouette shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice an ounce of personality. In fact, it’s an ideal opportunity to add a touch of style into the mix. Ruby is my birthstone, so this signature Tacori band is a personal way to incorporate color into my wedding stack. The contrast of the ring’s brilliant-cut rubies set in rose gold makes the diamonds of my engagement ring really pop. I don’t usually wear color stones every day, so this is a chic way to craft a signature look that feels truly meaningful.

Statement Styles


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I’m still not completely sure how I’ll wear my rings day-to-day, but there’s one thing I do know: it’s always a good idea to have options. Having a wedding band that can stand on its own—whether you’re switching your engagement ring over to the right hand or are thinking of leaving it in the jewelry box for safekeeping—is something worth considering. I usually wear a lot of mixed metal jewelry, so this Tacori diamond RoyalT band is a statement that will give me plenty of opportunities to mix and match with my style. I love the idea of wearing a meaningful ring on each hand, so my look is balanced. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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