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Without question, working from home has changed our minds about strict office dress codes. Still, the novelty of wearing sweats and track suits all day has worn off. According to an original Marie Claire x LinkedIn survey, almost half (47 percent) of respondents are looking forward to getting dressed up for work again and more than one third said they were shopping for a new work wardrobe. Now is the perfect time to invest in a few great pieces that will showcase your personal style. Make your back-to-work budget work smarter, not harder, by investing in items that you can mix-and-match for high-performing, down-to-business looks.

Back-to-Work Tops

Think beyond traditional suit shirts and stuffy button-downs. Instead, reach for blouses with feminine details like ruffles and blazers in unexpected fabrics and adorned with shiny hardware.

back to work fashion

Back-to-Work Pants

Forty-six percent of our survey respondents are shopping for the perfect back-to-office pants. But if "no jeans" is still the policy at your office post-pandemic, don't panic. Leg elongating high-waisted trousers, stretchy slacks, and minimalist patterned pants will give your look a leg up.

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Back-to-Work Shoes

Sorry, sky-high heels. We're just not that into you anymore. Commit to a commuter shoe, like a loafer, that's both comfy and cool.

back to work fashion

Back-to-Work Accessories

Thirty-seven percent of our survey respondents said they want to invest in new jewelry this season. So shake up your workwear with sleek belts and baubles that will add pizzaz to any boardroom ensemble.

back to work fashion
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Back-to-Work Bags

No need to settle for a backpack to get you and your gear to-and-from the office. These chic back-to-work bags fit your laptop and then some.

back to work fashion