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Musician Marissa Bregman Gets an Eco-Fashion Makeover

Marissa and I have been best friends for longer than I can remember ... literally! (We were infants when we started hanging out!). So I know firsthand that one of the most important things in her life has always been music. I remember when we were 12 and she took me to see her then-favorite band Green Day perform at Saturday Night Live. We dyed our hair red for the occasion, wore our best trying-to-be-grunge flannel and overall combos paired with platform Converse (a trend at the time, I swear!).

Now, Marissa is an artist in her own right, formally trained in guitar and piano and working on her first album this year (her single "Starlight" is available on iTunes right now. Buy it, it's great!). In any case, because Marissa has been performing so much recently, I thought it would be cool to introduce her to some sustainable fashion options for when she's in front of a crowd.

This is what Marissa arrived in. Her typical uniform of a comfortable shirt, black pants, and Converse — she still loves them!

I thought I'd try and dress Marissa up a little bit with a bamboo dress and fuzzy bolero jacket from Rosel. The Cri de Coeur clogs add a bit of height but are still comfy for long hours on your feet and the Lulu Frost necklaces go with everything. Marissa called this outfit "my more-than-casual-but-not-trying-too-hard-look" adding, "I still can't believe that something made out of bamboo could be so incredibly soft!"

You can never go wrong with a black dress, so I thought that Marissa had to have this cool Suzanne Rae option. I paired it with an oversized vegan Matt and Nat bag so that she can pack in sheet music, water, and anything else she might need while working. And I couldn't help but add two Lulu Frost necklaces again. Like I said, they go with everything! Marissa's reaction: "It's amazing how you can dress up a basic black frock with the right accessories, and it's so great to find a vegan bag that looks and feels so much like leather!"

"I always wanted my clothes to be eco-friendly," Marissa said after she'd tried on the outfits, "but I thought they'd be kind of frumpy looking ... or uncomfortable. But seeing these clothes really opened my eyes. They're not only stylish and hip, but they're the most comfortable clothes I've worn. I've always believed it's right in my heart and head to wear eco-friendly clothes, and now there really is no excuse not to!"

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