Exclusive! Amber Valletta On Her New Eco Venture, Her Favorite Beauty Products, and More

Want to get the scoop on what supermodel Amber Valletta's been up to lately, as well as her favorite beauty products, vacation spots, and what she'll be gifting these holidays? We've got her answers and we're sharing them with you now.

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Amber Valletta is a bit of a rockstar. She's modeled for some of the most iconic fashion houses, hosted episodes of House of Style, can call herself a bona fide actress (we loved her on Revenge!), and has appeared on multiple magazine covers. Not to mention, she's gorgeous. She also loves the environment. In one of her latest ventures, Valletta has teamed up with Yoox.com to launch Master & Muse (opens in new tab), a collection of 200 eco-friendly pieces that range from hats to handbags to sweaters to jewelry. We got the chance to sit down with the star, and learnt all kinds of secrets. Check out the interview below.

Marie Claire: How would you describe your style?
Amber: I would say my style is about mixing timeless pieces with edgy, fun and chic accessories.

MC: Any must-have, classic pieces that you're always wearing?
AV: I always have great boots: either riding boots or a high-heeled ankle boot.

MC: Favorite online destinations to shop?
AV: Master & Muse on yoox.com (opens in new tab), of course! Everlane (opens in new tab) and Tappan Collective are great as well.

MC: Most loved vacation destination?
AV: The Seychelles and Egadi Islands off of Sicily.

MC: Must-have beauty products?
AV: Eyebrow pencil and gel from Anastasia, mascara by Terry and I love Nars and Armani foundations—they're perfect for me!

MC: Favorite Master & Muse items?
AV: That is like picking your favorite child! I love the Vivienne Westwood backpacks at the moment. Also, The Sway purses are amazing.

MC: How do you like to relax in your downtime?
AV: I like doing something outside like hiking or surfing. I love going to museums and galleries. But I find it most rewarding to play with my son, and my dogs like to get in on the playing too!

MC: The holidays are coming up, do you have any favorite gifts that you would like to receive or give?
AV: I would love a coat from H.Fredrikkson and a key chain from Vivienne Westwood, and a hat from Pachacuti too!!!

MC: Do you have a go-to outfit for weekend errands?
AV: Sometimes I need to wear sweats and some comfy sneakers. Sorry, Kate Moss...

MC: You've been through some amazing times in fashion, are there any collections or designers that you're currently loving?
AV: I love Alexander McQueen and I always have. Lanvin and Stella McCartney are two other faves. I really miss John Galliano and Nicolas Ghesquiere! I am so looking forward to seeing what they both will do in the future.

MC: Any home or lifestyle items you are coveting?
AV: My solar panels! More art!!! I am always on the lookout for unique items at flea markets.

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Vivienne Westwood Ethical Fashion Africa Backpack, $278 (opens in new tab) and The Sway Handbag, $362 (opens in new tab)