Everything Kim Kardashian Wore During Her Wedding Weekend

And the tips to keep you looking great.
what kim kardashian wore during the weekend she got married
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Whether you love what she wears or not, this businesswoman has created an empire around her curves. From jeans and heels to plunging necklines and sandals, Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about maintaining her image even if she's away for the weekend. The key to her success? Playing up her assets in pencil skirts, pointed heels, and cinching at her waist.

These 11 outfits (not including her big day gown) were worn just over a few days, and teaches us a few key lessons when it comes to packing for a weekend away. First and foremost: It's important to know what makes you look amazing so you don't waste space taking things you'll never wear.

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More packing tips for a weekend away:

Neutral shoes go with everything and open-toe sandals keep things relaxed yet elegant.

Opt for silhouettes that always flatter, like pencil skirts to the knee with a clearly defined waist.

When wearing something with lots of volume, show some skin to avoid looking shapeless.

Don't forget your workout gear—even if you're not hitting the gym. Shorts, shoes, and a tank top will keep you in style on a long walk.

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