What Men Really Think About Fall Fashion Trends

Find out his true opinion about what you'll be wearing this season.
marc jacobs runway
Chris Moore/Catwalking
Find out his true opinion about what you'll be wearing this season.
marc jacobs runway
Chris Moore/Catwalking
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"I like the high collar. The conservative style looks better than the opposite on girls. I feel like a girl is a lot sexier in this kind of look."
-Alex, 22, graphic designer

michael kors runway
Dan & Corina Lecca
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"I never understood this. Don't women understand we are attracted to women? We don't want them to dress like us. But then again, my girlfriend says she doesn't dress for me and that she dresses for other women. But still."
-Clinton, 31, mortgage broker

"Super-high pants will never be appreciated by a straight man."
-Aaron, 25, graduate student
jason wu runway
Karl Prouse/Catwalking
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"This is really, really cool looking. It reminds me of those flappers from the 1920s, and they were hot. It's definitely not for every occasion, but it's sexy."
-Marcus, 35, writer

"How do you even wash something like this? I bet it costs, like, $800 and you can only really wear it once or twice before all the feathers are ripped off. Seems like too much trouble."
-Greg, 33, video producer
diane von furstenberg runway
Chris Moore/Catwalking
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Bold Blue
"Blue is a good color. Guys understand blue."
-Henry, 29, drummer

"This is just too much of one color. It's like the Canadian tuxedo but instead of denim its just blue. I thought you weren't supposed to be too matchy-matchy in fashion."
-Tim, 34, software engineer
the row runway
Courtesy of The Row
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Gorilla Sleeves
"I think they are going for abominable-snowman-eats-a-blue-snowcone with this one."
-Adam, 30, healthcare IT specialist

"That looks a lot just like John Goodman's character from Monsters, Inc. Was that the inspiration?"
Laurence, 30, communications director
lamb runway
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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"I don't know what that is… What's tartan? Oh, plaid? Yeah, I like plaid."
-Greg, 33, video producer

"I like plaid in moderation. I don't get why anyone would do this much of one thing. But isn't that how those runway shows work? They do a really extreme version and then they do a version that someone would actually want to buy? Why don't they just do that to begin with?"
-Jared, 28, ad rep
nicholas k runway
Jemai Countess/Getty Images
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"It's just awful material. Reminds me of old purple velvet curtains from a smelly old European library."
-Alex, 22, graphic designer

"I like when women wear something that feels nice to the touch. Velvet is a perfect outfit to wear on a date."
-Chris, 27, chef
cynthia rowley runway
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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"I feel like every picture of my grandmother, she is in that color. It feels very dated to me and is probably really hard to pull off. It's one of those colors that looks bad on most people because it blends in with their skin tone."
-Stephen, 25, teacher

"I think she was in Zone A during Hurricane Irene."
-Adam, 30, healthcare IT specialist
gareth pugh runway
Eric Ryan/Getty Images
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Leather Bondage
"So, I guess Morpheus is a trend-setting designer now. What happens in The Matrix should always stay in The Matrix."
-Aaron, 25, graduate student

"I would never approach a girl wearing something like this. I'm already afraid of her. It's just too much. She needs to soften up that jacket and unzip it a little."
-Tim, 34, software engineer
jill stuart runway
Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images
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Color Blocking
"The color scheme looks like Mary Tyler Moore. It's not bad looking, but it seems outlandish. I can see how someone would say it looks modern or avant-garde. Something for older women or hipsters."
-Andrew, 22, student

"This one looks pretty normal. I feel like it's a trend people actually wear in the real world, but I can't say I'd notice it unless you pointed it out. It just looks like a regular dress to me."
-Mark, 29, reporter
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