The 19 Best Pajamas for Women to Wear All Day and Night

From brands like Printfresh, Papinelle, Lunya, and more.

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As a kid, I thought pajama sets were the one true marker of being an adult. My mom (and aunts, and grandmas) all wore them, and I always saw myself graduating college and finding the perfect one for myself. And while I'm still a card-carrying member of the oversized-shirt-to-bed club at the tender age of 28, I have set out to find the best pajamas that at least feel like I have my life together. While Marie Claire has already written dedicated guides to the best pajamas on Amazon and the best silk pajamas, I was still having trouble finding a solid, simple pair of pajamas that I could invest in. 

Because I’m starting from scratch here, I turned to Ali Mejia, the Co-Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of Eberjey for advice on how to shop for the best pair. “Quality pajamas have the power to transform how you feel and how well you sleep,” she tells me over email. “Slipping into a great pair can help you look and feel more polished, can trigger relaxation (it’s time to unwind!), and envelop you in the feeling of a warm, cozy hug.” 

Ahead, Mejia breaks down what to look for in the best matching pajamas as well as hand-selects a few of her favorite Eberjey sets to snuggle up in this winter season. 

What to Look For in Pajamas

This might sound simple, but finding a high-quality pair of pajamas is the number one thing to look for. And no, higher-quality items don’t necessarily come with a higher price tag. Mejia recommends looking for sets made from “light, breathable fabrics derived from natural materials” because they “will feel silky soft against your skin and provide the ideal sleeping temperature for your body.”  

Deals on Matching Pajamas

J.Crew End-On-End Cotton Long-Sleeve Pajama Set, $98 $60 at J.Crew

J.Crew End-On-End Cotton Long-Sleeve Pajama Set, $98 $60 at J.Crew

Reviewers love this under-$100 pajama set from J.Crew because they’re so comfortable and breathable. “These fit just as a pajama set should! Not too tight, not too baggy, and so comfy...... I would definitely purchase again,” wrote one reviewer. Shop them now for $60 in three colors.

LILYSILK Silk Suede Pullover Pajama Set, $299 $254 at LILYSILK

LILYSILK Silk Suede Pullover Pajama Set, $299 $254 at LILYSILK

LILYSILK is running two discounts on ther site right now to get you into the holiday spirit. you can score 15 percent off sitewide with the code "MERRY15" or 20 percent off orders of $300 or more with the code "MERRY20"

The Best Pajamas for Women

Meet The Expert

Ali Mejia
Ali Mejia

Born in El Salvador and raised in Miami, Ali Mejia’s passion for design and luxury pajamas began at an early age. Inspired by her mom’s European sleepwear and its beautiful attention to detail, Ali was enthralled with having the “cutest” PJ styles and even became known in her college dorm as “the girl with the cute pajamas.”

After graduating from Princeton University where she studied politics and Latin American studies, Ali had a brief stint on Wall Street in New York before spending time in Florence where she came to the realization that she was meant to lead a creative life.

Returning to Miami, Ali took a job in direct marketing where she met future Eberjey co-founder, Mariela Rovito. Ali had a small side project, sewing samples with a local patternmaker, and a dream of creating a contemporary innerwear brand. Ali shared these dreams and her samples with Mariela, who loved what she was seeing, and together they left their corporate jobs to start Eberjey in 1996.

Ali’s idea for Eberjey was based on a singular vision: to create comfortable, beautiful designs that encourage confidence and a relaxed lifestyle. As Chief Inspiration Officer, Ali currently leads all creative teams at Eberjey.

Ali resides in Miami with her husband and two daughters (Luna and Amaya), and pups Henry and Toby.

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Julia Marzovilla is the Fashion E-Commerce Editor at Marie Claire, where she reviews the latest launches from fashion and beauty brands, finds the best on-sale items around the internet, and interviews experts to find the best products in any category to share with her readers. She also creates shopping guides that span every vertical on the site as an expert in everything from the best laptop bags to the best laser hair removal devices.

In her near decade of experience, Julia has both written for several top outlets in the E-Commerce space and worked at major fashion labels. Prior to joining the Marie Claire team, she contributed similar shopping stories to sites such as Bustle, InStyle, The Zoe Report, Who What Wear, and worked as the Trending Fashion and News Writer STYLECASTER. You can find her across the internet at @JuliaMarzovilla. In real life, you can find her creating shopping guides for her friends, cooking or baking in her too-small kitchen, or buying tickets for the next time Harry Styles is in town.

Julia has a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Journalism from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. She lives in New York City, her hometown.