Silk Pajama Sets for Lounging Around

What dreams are made of.

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Lazing the day away in your best pajamas used to be one of life's simple pleasures. In recent years, though, in the spirit of regularly working from home and spending a lot more time indoors, PJs now serve as a sort of uniform for it all. In other words, you're probably wearing them more often than just at bedtime. Brands have taken note of the trend, and many have amassed a loyal following thanks to pajama iterations that fall between day and nightwear. If you haven't done so already, we recommend you up the ante with an indulgent set of silk pajamas. 

Try a matching pajama set (perhaps one trimmed with feathers because, why not?) from J. Crew, a statement silky print from Olivia von Halle, or summer pajamas from Lunya or Rihanna's Savage x Fenty. Read on to shop the best silk pajama options from around the internet and our editor's PJ drawers. Plus, helpful tips like how to wash silk best. 

What to Look For in Silk Pajamas

  • Feel: "I believe what you wear has a transformative effect on how you feel, so when shopping for silk pajamas, you should look for pieces that feel like heaven," describes Olivia von Halle, founder of the eponymous luxury loungewear brand known for its opulent silkwear. And while you may think that all silk pajamas are the same in that they all feel, well, silky, that isn't a universal truth. First off, note is that silk isn't a fabric. It's a fiber that's then woven to become different fabrics like silk satin, silk chiffon, or silk crepe, all of which have a different feel. Then, of course, you have your silk blends and imitation textiles: Viscose, polyester, vegan silk, etc. Thus, silk pieces will have different hand feels due to the many fabrications and varying percentages of pure fiber. You can expect an authentic silk satin—the fabric silk pajamas are most commonly made of—to feel soft and buttery, but heed caution that viscose or polyester blends tend to come off as scratchy against the skin.
  • Quality: Authentic silk is quantified by "mommes" (abbreviated to "mm"), a Japanese word that's the universal unit of measurement for the fiber. While there is a mathematical element to momme weight (far too many numbers and decimals are involved for my little fashion-loving brain to comprehend), the takeaway here is simple: The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave will be, ergo, the better quality the silk piece will be. But here comes the tricky bit: Brands don't always offer the momme weight of their silk pieces. In those cases, you'll want to pay close attention to the materials and percentage breakdown of how much natural silk is used to gauge the piece's quality.
  • Price: Higher-quality silk, therefore, will have a heftier price tag, but trust us here—if you want a pair of bona fide silk pajamas, it'll be worth the splurge. "To me, luxury is first and foremost about exquisite fabrics, and at OvH, we only use the finest," van Halle describes. "The kind of silk and techniques we employ are a rare find today due to their expense, but this is what gives integrity to our materials and enables us to create pieces you can treasure in your wardrobe forever!" But if you're hoping to cap your budget at $200 (give and take) or below, you'll want to look for affordable silk pajamas made of polyester charmeuse blends— several of which you'll find below.

Best Deals on Silk Pajamas

Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set, $95 $67 at Summersalt

Summersalt The Cloud 9 Silky PJ Set, $95 $67 at Summersalt

These $95 pajamas are on sale for 30 percent off right now—snag your size while it's still in stock.

Intimissimi Mannish-Cut Jacket, $139 $127 at Intimissimi

Intimissimi Mannish-Cut Jacket, $139 $127 at Intimissimi

This silk sleep shirt is an editor favorite and is the perfect relaxed piece to wear around the house (but only if you want to feel a little fancy while doing it). Shop it now in 10 colors for less than $130.

Petite Plume 100% Mulberry Black Silk Tunic Set with Feathers, $270 $229 at J.Crew

Petite Plume 100% Mulberry Black Silk Tunic Set with Feathers, $270 $229 at J.Crew

This feathery little two-piece set from Petite Plume is so fun, you may as well wear it to your next holiday party. We promise, no one will know you're actually wearing pajamas.

The Best Silk Pajamas for Women

How to Wash Silk Pajamas

"The natural fibers in silk have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear without washing," explains von Halle. "Silk is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, so simply hang your silk pieces in the fresh air and let the material work its magic. This method means you can extend the time between washes, which is also great for the planet," she points out.

But when you must launder your pair of silk pajamas, von Halle emphasizes that you should "wash them with cool water to preserve the life of the garment and the saturation of the color." She adds that the products you use to launder your silk pieces are essential. "Surprisingly, harsh detergents, not heat, do the most damage to delicate fibers, so always ensure you opt for a specialist silk detergent. My favorite one is Clothes Doctor's Eco Wash For Silk."

Meet the Expert

Olivia von Halle
Olivia von Halle

Working in trend forecasting and as a luxury brand consultant, Olivia von Halle discovered a gap for luxury leisurewear. Coming home from evenings partying with friends, she would long to ditch her sky-high heels and constricting outfits for something glamorous enough to enjoy a gin and tonic in before sliding off to bed. Seeing that the pajamas and eveningwear of yesteryear spoke to today, Olivia von Halle’s luxury design stand for a proudly playful brand of femininity and mindful luxury. Seeking to create a covetable wardrobe— full of objects of lust, and love, and fascination—Olivia von Halle has taken the styles that women turn to in these moments and elevated them for a new era.

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