Meet Coachtopia: Coach's Buzzy New Circular Brand

The line is created in tandem with a growing community of Gen-Z creatives and climate activists.

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With consumers and brands turning to recycled materials and more sustainable production practices, it can be difficult to cut through the noise on which brands are actually doing their part to incorporate eco-conscious practices into their supply chain and which brands are not.

Coach, the iconic leather goods and ready-to-wear brand, has created a new line to help address sustainability in the fashion industry. Let us introduce you to Coachtopia—a new sub-brand of accessories and apparel designed with circularity and a circular design approach top of mind.

Launched today with a collection of all-gender bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear in a bright array of prints and colors and a campaign featuring The Summer I Turned Pretty actress Lola Tung, Coachtopia considers itself a "world in progress"—one that builds on the findings of Coach's previous sustainable efforts like the Coach (Re)Loved program, which launched in 2021 and has given new life to over 20,000 Coach products. 


(Image credit: Coach)

With Coachtopia's three-pronged Made Circular design philosophy, repurposed and renewable materials are a core part of the design process. Leathers are crafted with Coach production waste or at least 50 percent recycled leather scraps. At the same time, non-leather pieces, like hoodies and T-shirts, are made from 95 percent (or more) recycled cotton, while bag hardware and straps use 70 percent of recycled materials and resin. Canvas totes and footwear webbing also have a considered approach—made from 100 percent recycled polyester, while footwear soles incorporate 40 percent bio-based sugarcane EVA material.

The second piece to the three-part design philosophy is circularity: the components of the collection are intended to live multiple lives, with products designed to be easily disassembled, repaired, or completely redesigned to keep them within the design chain.

To keep products out of landfills, Coachtopia is also committed to taking back all Coachtopia products—no matter the age or condition—and discovering new ways to reuse them. Coachtopia products can be traded in nationwide at Coach retail stores in exchange for store credit. Shoppers will also receive a digital passport made through a partnership with the software platform EON to track their pieces even after they've been traded.

What makes Coachtopia unique—beyond its circularity—is the global community it has and will continue to foster. The brand turned to Gen Z climate activists, artists, designers, and more to imagine the Coachtopia world from the ground up, with a hand in designing every aspect of Coachtopia, from the products to the messaging behind each piece within the collection. Limited-edition collaborations with young artists will also be an ongoing part of the Coachtopia world, the first of which features artwork from 25-year-old designer and New York City native Sabrina Lau, where her graphics appear across a reimagined version of Coach's canvas tote.

Ahead, shop a selection of pieces from the new collection—including designs from the Sabrina Lau x Coachtopia collection—from shoulder bags to cropped T-shirts.

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