These Etsy Engagement Rings Are So Pretty, I Might Just Buy Myself One

I these rings.

etsy engagement rings
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Sparkly diamond solitaires on white gold bands are gorgeous, but they're not always to everyone's taste. And if you're on the hunt for an engagement ring from another era or featuring a different stone, may I suggest starting with a quick browse on Etsy? The marketplace offers jewelry featuring black diamonds and pearls, moissanite and topaz, and more. The options are endless and one-of-a-kind (most are handmade and offered in limited quantities). The seller might be from Ohio, or your ring could just as easily be shipped from New Zealand. Regardless, vintage and non-traditional engagement rings are abundant on Etsy. Purchase one of the rings ahead or use this as a jumping-off point to create something that's uniquely you.


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A Black Quartz Engagement Ring
Hexagon Black Quartz Engagement Ring

A black quartz center stone flanked by diamonds is about as non-traditional as you get with an engagement ring. This one is handmade in the United States and comes in white, rose, or yellow gold options. It's the perfect option for an out-of-the-box bride in search of something special.

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A Raw Diamond Engagement Ring
Raw Uncut Aquamarine Diamond

This aquamarine stone is surrounded by two raw diamonds for a rough and beautiful look. It's giving us the ultimate Little Mermaid ocean vibes, so if that's your favorite movie, you need this ring. As noted on the Etsy seller's page, the ring is hand carved in wax and cast in solid 18k gold using the lost wax casting process. The ring comes in a size 7, but can be resized as needed. 

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A Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Vintage Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

Follow in Kate Middleton's footsteps and opt for a blue sapphire engagement ring. This one is complemented by 12 diamond baguettes set into each side of the shank. For astrology enthusiasts, sapphire is the birthstone of September, so if your birthday or relationship anniversary falls in this month, a sapphire ring is all the more special.

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A Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring
Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring

This emerald-cut yellow sapphire ring is surrounded by clusters of sparkling old cut and baguette cut diamonds. The stones are circa 1920 (!!), which are re-set in a newer Victorian-inspired gallery. The unexpected pop of yellow on your fingers will set your ring apart and give you all those feel-good vibes, like on a bright, sunny day.

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A Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring
Vintage 14k Gold .44 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

This 14k yellow gold ring is from the '80s and features a unique heavy braided band. This ring is practical for brides who work with their fingers and don't want a ring that easily snags their gloves or other fabrics. Since there is only one of this ring, you'll be hard-pressed to find the exact design anywhere else in the world. Literally, one of a kind.

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An Opal Engagement Ring
Rose Gold Opal Engagement Ring

Opt for a Pinterest-worthy opal ring with three sparkly diamonds on each side. This particular Ethiopian opal displays a variety of colors like green, red, white, and yellow, depending on the lighting and angles. You'll never get bored of the changing hues. If you want the opal to be a certain color, though, you have that option too. Pair with this matching crown band.

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A Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring
Aerolite Rustic Engagement Ring

PSA: Non-traditional couples, prepare to fall head over heels for this ring. The center stone is a rustic salt and pepper diamond while the surrounding pieces are white diamonds, giving this 14k rose gold ring a unique look. For those who prefer something a little darker and more rustic looking, this engagement ring is perfect. 

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An Emerald Engagement Ring
Colombian Emerald Engagement Ring

This handmade ring, featuring Colombian emerald baguette cuts next to sparkling diamond tapered baguettes, dates back to the 1970s. The juxtaposition of the two colors and shapes create an artistic display, giving this ring a very dynamic and special feel. This is the kind of piece you'll want to pass down from generation to generation. 

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An Art Deco-Inspired Engagement Ring
Art Deco Style Engagement Ring

Search no further for the prettiest art deco style ring. For those unfamiliar with the term, art deco takes its name from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (the International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts). In short: the particular jewelry style rose out of an art movement during the 1920s in France. Art deco designs are defined by graphic, linear and geometric lines, which this diamond ring certainly has.

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A Moissanite Ruby Engagement Ring
Ruby Engagement Ring

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a ruby ring (remember when the Gossip Girl character received one as a present from Nate Archibald?). This one features a diamond halo and is set in a 14k rose gold band, all fancy details that turn it into a stunning engagement ring. Your outfits will now have a little pop of red wherever you go. 

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A Diamond Branch Engagement Ring
Moissanite Diamond Branch Engagement Ring

I'm drawn to the branch shape of this moissanite ring's band; it almost looks like the stone is being swallowed up. It's equal parts fantastical (I can see someone wearing this in Maleficent) and wearable. If you want to stand out from the crowd, slip this on your fingers asap. 

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A Black Diamond Engagement Ring
Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Love to wear all black? Consider getting a black diamond engagement ring instead of the more common clear. This oval cut one is set on a sparkly diamond band and surrounded by 205 round diamonds. Though the center stone is dark, all the surrounding shiny diamonds around it give it a glow. This ring embodies a night sky littered with stars. 

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A Baguette Cut Engagement Ring
Modern Engagement Ring

The unique quality of this ring comes thanks to the three overlapping bands. In the center is a baguette cut diamond, though you can pick the stone you want when you place your order. Each one is handmade to your liking, ensuring no one else will have a the same. 

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A Topaz Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Topaz comes from a Sanskrit word "tapas," which means fire or heat. (It's also an island in the Red Sea, now known as Zabargad, and the mineral topaz was first mined there.) Those who wear topaz are said to be blessed with beauty, intelligence, and a long life. If this all sounds great to you, you'll definitely want this topaz diamond halo engagement ring on your finger. This ring design is also available with multiple different gemstone and diamond options.

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A Champagne-Colored Engagement Ring
Champagne Sapphire Engagement Ring

Drawing inspiration from Blake Lively's engagement ring, this piece features a stunning champagne-colored sapphire solitaire set on a thin diamond band made of 14k rose gold. The stone itself is 3.2 carats with an oval/cushion cut. You'll feel like a star once you slip this baby on. 

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An Aquamarine Engagement Ring
Vintage Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Aquamarine, which is also called blue beryl, conjures images of lakes and the sea. The color symbolizes courage and communication (qualities necessary in any relationship) and creates a calm feeling for the wearer. Draw on the nature spirit of this engagement ring with a laurel ivy leaf band.

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A Pearl Engagement Ring
Akoya Pearl Engagement Ring

For the minimalists, this "Giovanna" ring has a gentle and delicate look. Though it might look delicate, it's actually plenty sturdy. The angelic ring features an Akoya pearl on top of tiny diamonds while the band can be made of 14k/18k gold or platinum (also available in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold).

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A Square Cut Engagement Ring
Princess Cut Square Engagement Ring

This princess cut square engagement ring is surrounded by a celestial-inspired halo of diamonds. There's nothing simple about this style, which makes it suitable for those who are looking for an intricate ring. Pro tip: Go for a simpler band to let this piece really shine on its own. 

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