17 Jewelry Brands to Refresh Your Accessories Collection With

Get to know these new brands before everyone else discovers them.

jewelry brands to know for 2020
(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

Like wine, jewelry gets finer with age if properly cared for. Think of the British royal family, who swear by decades-old tiaras and jewels (opens in new tab) that are rich with history and still sparkle. Though we won't be borrowing from Queen E's private collection any time soon, we all dream of finding jewelry that will last us a lifetime. And a good place to start, whether you're looking to refresh your accessories collection (opens in new tab) or start anew, are the modern, fan-favorite brands that strive to make timeless and high-quality jewelry.

These newer, fresh labels need our support; they also allow us the chance to score something truly unique, a find that no one else will have and one we'll cherish forever. By the time everyone else discovers the brand, your jewelry piece will have already become a must-have. Whether you're looking for costume jewelry, eco-friendly stone necklaces, or dainty gold rings, we've pinpointed the new jewelry brands to have on your radar, ahead.

Andrea Zendejas is the accessories editor for the Hearst Fashion Group, who loves all accessories, but especially jewelry.