Easy Monochrome Outfits For Whatever Mood You're In

Boost your spirits and your style.

duesseldorf, germany   march 19 a jeans by magda butrym, a pastel blue cardigan by t7berlin, a topaz colored padded cassette bag and topaz colored crunch sharpei pumps by bottega veneta as a detail of influencer gitta banko during a street style shooting on march 19, 2020 in duesseldorf, germany photo by isa foltingetty images
Isa Foltin

If you've ever had an aura reading, you're privy to colors' unique ability to reveal information about your energy. Channeling your mood via your choice of dress can have the same effect. While an all-black ensemble can signal a person in mourning (or stereotypically, a New Yorker), a white dress suggests simplicity. Traditional dressing styles have changed to accommodate personal style preferences and trends, but colors—especially head-to-toe hues— are still sure to emit a sense of mood. Channel a go-getter attitude via a red statement look or call on zen vibes with earthy neutrals. Ahead, we've got five monochromatic looks to reflect your ever-changing moods.

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