I Can't Get Over Kim Kardashian Wearing a Fur Coat and Hermès Kelly Bag to Her Son's Basketball Game

We wouldn't expect anything less from the queen of off-duty luxury.

Kim Kardashian wearing a floor-length fur coat with an all-black outfit
(Image credit: Backgrid)

Kim Kardashian is many things: a reality television star, a sister, a businesswoman, an activist, and a mom. Even though she may have a net worth of about $1.7 billion, she's just like any other mother—kind of? Okay, not really, but in fleeting moments of relatability, Kardashian often attends her kids sporting events and cheers them on, just like any parent would. That being said, Kardashian's "kid's basketball game" attire stays true to her form, which means it's a collection of outlandishly expensive pieces (We did say "a fleeting moment of relatability".) Case in point: Kardashian wearing a fur coat and Hermès bag to her son Saint's basketball game over the weekend.

Let's dive in. To be fair, the base of Kardashian's look is ultra-casual. She wore a basic black sweatsuit, but to dress the look up a bit, the SKIMS founder added a floor-length fur coat, bug-eye sunglasses, and a Hermès Kelly Pochette croc bag valued at around $30,000. Casual, right? Also, note how her fur coat and pant legs drag across the pavement—quite dramatically, we might add—as she exits the game. It's a moment, for sure.

Kim Kardashian wearing a floor-length fur coat with an all-black outfit

(Image credit: Backgrid)

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time we've seen the reality-star-turned-entrepreneur pair an extravagantly priced bag with a laid-back look. While running errands earlier this winter, she embraced the supersized bag trend by carrying around a gigantic Hérmes Birkin Bag with a resale value of around $110,000. It was Jane Birkin herself who designed the Birkin bag with mothers on the go in mind, so it's certainly clear the luxury bag (and others like it) is meant to be used and not just admired.

By the way, let's not forget that Kim has a knack for making basketball games (and any sporting event) her personal runway. Just a month ago, Kardashian attended a Lakers game in head-to-toe Balenciaga, carrying a crystalized shoe handbag, so she isn't exactly one to sport team merch. We love her for that.

Kardashian might take home the win for best-dressed mom in the stands, but it's heartwarming to see her supporting her kid's endeavors regardless of her off-duty look. When you're a fashion and beauty mogul and reality television star, casually wearing expensive designer pieces is to be expected, even at a kid's sports outing. And while that might not be the case for most moms, Kim's just doing her thing. 

Melony Forcier
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