32 Down-to-the-Wire Gifts That Ship Fast and Are Actually Good

You can do this.

32 Down-to-the-Wire Gifts That Ship Fast and Are Actually Good
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Christmas is in one week away, so needless to say, it's crunch time, folks. Not to stress you out or anything, but the time to order those last-minute gifts is now. The deadline has already passed on some retailers' sites but there are still plenty of options that will arrive prior to December 25—from the likes of Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Amazon, to name a few. (In some cases, shipping will cost you a fee at this point, but others are still offering free shipping with arrival by Christmas.)

With Christmas being so very soon, your mind is probably going in a million and one different directions, and figuring out what to buy people is undoubtedly more difficult when you're distracted and busy, so I'm playing elf. I did a deep dive into the best last-minute gifts on the internet and found some great crowd-pleasing ideas that are sure to suit someone on your list. Scroll on to get gifting.

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Allyson Payer
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