A New Yorker Goes to Nordstrom With a Parisian—32 Staples They’d Both Buy

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Many New Yorkers and Parisians are known for their fashion-forward sense of style. Words like effortless and cool come to mind when describing these sets. The types of pieces those in NYC and Paris wear certainly run the gamut, but the items tend to have modern design details and feel easy at their core. And yes, Nordstrom is one retailer that consistently stocks these covetable pieces.

Nordstrom stores don't technically exist in Paris as of now, but we bet that if a New Yorker walked into Nordstrom with a Parisian friend, they'd gravitate toward similar of-the-moment items. We're referring to versatile pieces that could become true wardrobe staples like elevated basics (similar to the styles both Parisians and New Yorkers are wearing above) and comfortable yet chic shoe silhouettes for life in the city.

Keep scrolling to check out an edit of the Nordstrom items that a New Yorker and Parisian would love.

This article was originally published on Who What Wear.

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