Project Runway Episode 3 Recap: Seth Aaron's Take

Former winner Seth Aaron Henderson sums up each new episode of Project Runway just for MC.

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Hi. So once again...Okay week three and time to really screw with the designers! Not only do they have to deal with super unreal proportions, which ultimately look like our sketches and should be easily translated, but also Lifetime is like "We are going to pump it up and stick them in a team challenge!" HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Oh silly producers! Thsi is me just throwing it out there, but I swear to mother f***ing hell and back that little stain magic bag has four pockets in it. Only because how the f*** does it always end up with the perfect drama teams? Even on my season, the team captains, model selection and pairs were always jacked up. Oh wait, that's right, it's a "Magic Bag"!!!! So our super kids are given 500 smackers and one day to create a high end runway look as a team and Tim says think Paris Couture Fashion Week, over-the-top, but fashion not costume! So let's take a long-legged walk right into the breakdown. One more thing: How did Heidi learn to walk on those stilts so well. I mean, she walked better than the professional walkers. I think for sure now that Heidi is an android. Just kidding!


To start off, this outfit was made well and the idea behind it wasn't bad either. The problem was it was just too literal and costume, which is always a downer for the judges. But I have to say, those pants were fun, graphic and visually pleasing to me. I liked them. I liked them a -------- lot. Good job and I liked how they worked together. Fun to watch.


Dude, horrible! The fabric sucked! Don't get wrong...or do. I like me some brocade if done properly. Actually give me that f-in' fabric and I'll show them how it's done! I think Bert as just a bully and being a blockhead. So I completely blame this pile on him. Viktor even stood up for it on the runway. Where was Bert? Nice Viktor.


Boring, boring, boring! Student work and if he had said "cut on the grain" one more time I would have thrown up. Oh wait, I did!To me that does show his lack of experience in the real world. Only do what you've learned in school, right? The only cool thing about this look was the head piece, which Fallene made. Bryce has no integrity and should have gotten the boot.


The military theme was nice. The tailoring was superb, sharp and hard. I didn't like the collar and it should have been ix-nayed. But overall, well done. PS: The walker...WTF?


In the classic Nina Garcia way of interest: meeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! It's okay. Could have been worse.


Outside of the hair and makeup looking like a train wreck, this look was fantastic! It was beautifully constructed, elegant and tasteful. Safe call by these two, but in the end it worked well. That's not an easy fabric to work with, and in such large amounts. Splendid work girls.


KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Dam "K" K key kkkkeeeps sticking. What I was trying to say is killer! This was so fantastical it made me pee myself! The entire design from the brilliant color choice to the details, movement, and styling were amazing. This look commanded attention, the wow factor, if you will. Besides Anthony and Laura worked like a team and it showed in their work. It reminded of Emilio and myself, a winning combo. So for me the judges were spot on. This was the winner. Nothing else even came close. Super job guys. On that note: The only complaint I have is that they both should have won.

This season is really amping up as a good one. Now we have to wait for another week. Anyway, thanks for stopping by kids!

Awesomely Yours,