The Odor-Masking Handbag Line Every Lady Stoner Needs to See

Because weed has no business in your Prada.

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Images courtesy of designer, design by Katja Cho

As mainstream as weed has become, when it comes to toting around your green, you're always going to want a little discretion. But that shouldn't mean settling for an herb-emblazoned pouch or bottom shelf handbag. Enter AnnaBís (pronounced Anna-Bee), a handbag line taking a "beyond the baggie," by crafting functional, yet supremely stylish bags for carrying the green stuff on the low. 

The odor-masking designs are the work of two highly-successful, multi-hyphenate women:  Jeanine Moss, who counts starting a marketing firm and creating the first computerized horse buying/breeding registry among her accomplishments (and who became a believer in the medicinal powers of marijuana after using it as an alternative to opiates after hip surgery), as well Ann Shuch, a Parsons School of Design graduate, startup investor, and entrepreneur. 

"After years of using baggies and mint tins, we realized that we had graduated to beautiful wallets, eyeglass/phone cases, but still had nothing fashionable and functional to keep and carry our cannabis," they explained in a joint interview.

But their brand's mission isn't just a matter of personal style. It's also about helping to carve out a much-needed area for women in the smoking marketplace. Head shops just aren't doing the trick.

"Women have been overlooked in the industry because until recently it was illicit and male-dominated, popular culture focused on a male archetypes and social stigma has been disproportionately directed at women," they told us. "What women want, need, and demand in cannabis accessories is great design, quality, and discreet functionality that lets us control where, when, and with whom we share our personal preferences."

To which we can only say: 🙏.

But honestly, even if smoking ain't your thing, you'll be coveting these bags. Made of Italian leather and luxe jacquard interiors, the chic designs—a carryall pouch, pencil-case like vape holder, or a crossbody bucket bag (complete with a medical card pocket)—boast secret compartments with aroma-controlling technology for grinders, pipes, et al. I love a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag as much as the next gal, but it doesn't have these kind of  ganja-tinged bragging rights now does it?

Shop the full AnnaBís collection here.

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